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Eagle Pack Dog Food Review

Eagle Pack is a trusted name in dog food, known for their stringent sourcing practices and quality assurance procedures.

Their Power Adult recipe features an above-average protein level due to the inclusion of chicken meal and pork meal as dense sources of protein with lower moisture levels than natural meats. Complex yet easily digestible carbohydrates such as brown rice, peas, and barley contribute significantly to this dish’s nutritional profile.

What is it made of?

Eagle Pack is made in the US using a blend of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates tailored explicitly for adult dogs over 50 pounds. This recipe also features added benefits like glucosamine for hip and joint health, omega fatty acids for skin and coat health, and antioxidants to support overall immune system wellness. Plus, it’s completely free of corn, wheat, meat by-products, artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives!

Chicken meal is a highly digestible source of protein; pork meal provides additional meat-based proteins. Barley serves as a grain-based carb that gives energy. Chicken fat provides another tasty source of dietary oil rich in essential omega-6 fatty acids; finally, tomato pomace may cause debate; some pet owners laud its high fiber content while others dismiss it as cheap filler material.

Other ingredients in this food include brewer’s yeast, mixed tocopherols (a source of vitamin E), rosemary extract, and taurine as essential amino acids for cats. Furthermore, this recipe also features chelated minerals for easier absorption; all nutrients in this food were grown without using herbicides or pesticides.

What is the price?

Eagle Pack has long been recognized as an award-winning dog food, thanks to their commitment to replacing filler ingredients with natural protein. Their formulas undergo ongoing evaluation by trainers and vets to ensure their pets receive sufficient energy for daily adventures. Plus, Eagle Pack’s whole health ingredients avoid artificial preservatives and fillers for results you can see: shiny coats, bright eyes, and energetic spirits!

Holistic Select is a family-owned company, still made in the USA, and all their products are from USDA/APHIS inspected facilities. Their Holistic Select line features unique ingredients like organic quinoa, fresh fruits and vegetables, and lamb meal as a primary protein source (high in amino acids).

The Hungry Puppy is proud to offer Eagle Pack dry and canned dog food, developed specifically to meet the nutritional needs of dogs and cats across their life stages. Their recipes feature highly digestible proteins as the first ingredient and balanced ratios of carbohydrates and fats for optimal digestion. Their products are free from wheat and corn and hormone- and antibiotic-free meat options!

Their Large/Giant Breed Adult Chicken and Pork Recipe has been specifically developed with a balanced mixture of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates designed to support leanness in dogs over 50 pounds. Incorporating glucosamine and omega fatty acids for joint support while offering antioxidant support for healthy skin and coat, this dish provides optimal nutritional support.

What is the quality like?

Eagle Pack offers premium food with all-natural ingredients for dogs of all life stages – from puppies to adults. Their formulas have been designed in consultation with veterinarians and trainers to give your pet all the nutrients it requires for success.

Since 1985, WellPet LLC has been making dog food under their WellPet LLC brand, including Wellness. All their foods are manufactured at their Mishawaka plant using only protein-rich meats as ingredients free from artificial preservatives, fillers, or chemicals; mixed tocopherols act as natural preservatives in these recipes.

They offer an impressive variety of dry dog foods and canned wet food options for puppies, adult dogs, overweight animals, and those with food allergies. Their puppy formula comes in three varieties with several adult dog options. Furthermore, this company produces unique recipes tailored to weight issues or allergies.

Ingredients used by this company are primarily sourced from North America, but some imported ones may also be included. Their rigorous quality control process guarantees your pup will be provided with optimal nutrition.

What is the availability like?

Eagle Pack, an American pet food company, produces premium dry foods using top-grade ingredients without hormones or antibiotics. Their plants come from reliable suppliers, with regular inspections conducted. Furthermore, no fillers are included in their recipes, and their food production facilities are USDA/APHIS inspected.

Their products are created using high digestible protein as the first ingredient and a balance of healthy fats and carbohydrates as secondary ingredients, including flaxseed and brewer yeast, to increase the nutritional content of their formulas. Brewers yeast is a byproduct of beer making that contains numerous essential vitamins; however, some dog owners may be concerned that its presence may trigger allergies in certain animals.

Eagle Pack formulas are regularly evaluated and researched with trainers and vets to ensure they provide natural energy-fueling supplements for pets’ adventures, leading to shiny coats, bright eyes, healthy digestion, and an energetic spirit in pets.

Their chicken and pork adult food is proudly produced in the US using a blend of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates designed to keep large dogs lean. Additionally, this recipe includes glucosamine to promote joint health, omega fatty acids for skin health, and antioxidants as an immune boost – making this an excellent choice for adult dogs weighing over 50 pounds.


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