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Duplikium Review – Is Duplikium Really Worth the Price?

The Duplikium Trade Copier is a cloud-based trade copier that claims to be ultra-low-latency, affordable, and offers live monitoring assistance. This review of the software looks at the pros and cons of this service and whether it’s worth the price. The short answer is yes.

Duplikium Trade Copier is a cloud-based trade copier

Duplikium Trade Copier can copy trades across many platforms and brokers. It features a flexible and advanced risk management tool that makes it possible to copy trades with minimal effort. Duplikium also offers many features to help traders make the most of their investments.

Duplikium supports various international currencies and allows users to use the service on a mobile phone anywhere in the world. In addition, the service offers two different pricing plans – free and unlimited. The free plan supports only one master account and one slave account, while the Unlimited Pack starts at $19 per month for unlimited enslaved person and enslaver accounts.

The service also supports other trading technologies, including MT5 and MT4. Unlike other trade copier systems, Duplikium doesn’t require installation. Additionally, the cloud-based platform allows users to set different risk factors for each master account rather than having one risk factor for all trading accounts.

It offers live monitoring assistance.

Live monitoring assistance is a great way to stay on top of your trading, and Duplikium has many features to offer its clients. Not only does it let you see what your trades are doing in real time, but it also lets you filter symbols and manage your enslavers and enslaved people. It allows you to set separate access for the Provider and Follower and supports all brokers and instruments. The service also allows you to manage your account currency.

Another feature of Duplikium is its Cloud Trade Copier service. This service is excellent for CFD and Forex traders and is hosted in the cloud. It supports hundreds of brokers and all instruments available from each one. The system also allows you to set the size of trades that your slaves will place for you. Advanced risk management tools are also available.

It claims to be ultra-low-latency

The trade copier offered by Duplikum is a powerful tool for copying trades between platforms and brokers. It is cloud-based and ultra-low-latency, offering a range of features, including cross-platform compatibility. In addition, the trade copier is fully integrated with cTrader.

It is affordable

Delirium is an affordable trade copier with an extensive feature set. It offers unlimited accounts and is entirely cloud-based. It also has low latency and a vast selection of advanced features. However, its pricing depends on the number of orders copied per day. For small accounts, a prepaid plan is a good option. Moreover, it allows users to connect as many enslavers as they wish.

The Duplikium trade copier works by copying your trades from one brokerage account to another. It is compatible with most platforms and brokers. It also has low latency and supports an unlimited number of accounts. It also comes with advanced risk management features. For example, users can set the size of slave trades, which helps them minimize their risk.


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