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Dog Supplies: Your Checklist for 2022

The very prospect of buying a new puppy brings a lot of excitement. Of course, there is a lot of homework to be done, from acquainting the pet with all the family members to making a comfortable home for your new furry friend. Along with these, stocking the essential dog supplies for your puppy is also equally important. So, ensure that everything in the checklist is covered so that the space will be ready for the new pup.

Dogs are very sensitive, and hence they demand a lot of care and attention from the owner. And, parenting a puppy can be a bit overwhelming if one does not put in the deliberate effort to know the requirements of their prized pooch. But if one succeeds in the parenting process, one will be rewarded with abundant love. So, here is a detailed checklist for new pup parents to follow:

Invest in a Puppy Playpen

Dogs are curious by nature, and hence they tend to sneak into everything (even into places where they are uninvited). As such, investing in a playpen will ensure that the puppy is safely contained to a specific part of the house.

Playpens made of metal usually comes with a lockable gate and are easy to carry around. Meanwhile, make sure that you buy the product from established sellers that sell durable and rust-resistant metal playpens. Thus, one can always keep an eye on their puppy and ensure their safety. Also, it is recommended to do a neat sweep before the new pup is brought home to eliminate the chances of any potential hazards.

Buy the Right Toys

Ensure that the right kind of toys are stocked up before your fur friend comes home. Like children, puppies love spending a lot of time with their favourite toys. It keeps them sanguine and boosts their skills at the same time. Meanwhile, chew toys play a vital role in the developing stages of a puppy as they enhance the dog’s natural chewing ability. On the other hand, for puppies fond of running, chasing toys is the best. It is an excellent way to give them some workouts and have fun simultaneously. Some pet parents also go for plush toys though these are not the most sought after ones in the pet toys category. However, plush toys alleviate stress and hence can be used as a calming tool for a newcomer.

Some of the Must-Haves

While training the puppies, pet owners must ensure that the pups are rewarded with healthy treats. Dog treats are available at local pet stores and online shops. Similarly, anti-bacterial training pads are mandatory during latrine preparation. It will keep the house clean and tidy by eliminating awful odours that are unavoidable during latrine preparation.

Another essential tool to have is a pet stroller with rear wheels. Branded strollers come with shock absorbers to provide better suspension and stability. Besides, an advantage is that you can easily carry around the pet.

Taking proper care of the puppy’s oral health is a vital part of maintaining the physical wellness of the pet. Therefore, dog toothpaste and toothbrush must be bought beforehand, and regular brushing is also mandatory to maintain the oral health of the puppy. Training pouches, shampoo, etc., are important dog supplies that would keep the puppy fresh, clean and disease-free.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get the supplies and provide a warm welcome for your Lil furry friend!

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