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DHB Bib Shorts Review

Mesh patches offer more excellent ventilation.

The DHB Bib Shorts have mesh patches that offer excellent ventilation and comfort. The padded part is designed to provide support and comfort on long rides. The Lycra Sport fabric is highly breathable, compresses, and prevents the straps from pulling the pad into the wearer’s saddle. These shorts can be machine washed on a delicate cycle at 30 degrees Celsius.

The DHB Aeron Bib Shorts offer good ventilation and are priced at PS40. They are made with two sustainably sourced fabrics and a multi-panel design for maximum moisture transfer. This model is an excellent entry-level option. The Aeron base model is acceptable for casual use. Consider the Speed model if you want a tighter fit and material support.

Pro Team II chamois pad is a comfortable ride.

The Dhb Pro Team II chamois pad is thick and supportive, so it’s comfortable to ride in the saddle. It doesn’t hold too much water and is quick to dry. Its two-layer design includes a soft upper Skin Care Layer and a thin midsection. The pad is comfortable to wear and feels smooth.

The pad is available in men’s and women’s styles. Size and shape can influence how comfortable it is, so it’s essential to try one on before purchasing. The pad is a little thick under the sit bones, but it’s not overly thick. It also splits well on either side of the perineum. The pad features stitching that runs from back to front, but there are no perforations for airflow.

When purchasing a chamois pad, make sure to choose the right size. The pad should fit closely to your body. The critical areas of padding are at the sit bone area, so size, shape, and density matter. Density is also essential, as thick endurance-style pads are often designed to offer more support and comfort.

Mille GTS C2 straps are anchored to the top of the shorts

The Assos Mille GTS C2 bib shorts are the next generation of classic Mille bib shorts. Designed for comfort, they have a dual-layer insert and an improved fabric that allows for greater flexibility and compression. The shorts are also engineered for maximum comfort on long rides.

The GTO C2 bibs are constructed with reverse stitch lines, a new chamois multi-layer insert, and muscle-supporting one-piece leg panels. They also use a darted design to give them a more comfortable fit and a tighter feel.

The Mille GTS C2 Bib Shorts have unique straps anchored in several places. The lower back straps are stiff, while the upper back straps are stretchy and comfortable. This ensures a secure fit and keeps the chamois from shifting. They are also easy to stretch for a mid-ride nature break.

Fit to form

If you’re shopping for a new pair of bib shorts for cycling, there are several factors to keep in mind. First, you must ensure the shorts are designed to fit your body. They should stretch with your form and provide the right amount of compression, but not too much. Additionally, they should have straps or grippers that keep them up during a ride. They should also have seams that improve fit, comfort, and appearance.

DHB has long been a leader in the short cycling market. Their Aeron range of cycling apparel includes bib shorts designed for specific conditions. Their Aeron shorts are among the best-selling cycling shorts, offering an excellent balance of fit, compression, durability, and price.


The Bib Shorts are made with high-performance textiles and a seat pad with Elastic Interface. It’s also waterproof and odor-resistant. Whether you’re riding in the winter or the summer, you’ll be comfortable in the bib shorts.

The high-quality Italian fabric and the extra stretch make the bib shorts comfortable and fit well. The chamois pad is made from CyTech Elastic Interface ‘Veloce,’ which wicks sweat away from your skin and helps you ride in comfort and style. You can even wear them under a long sleeve shirt if the weather is hot.

Priced well, Dhb Bib Shorts offer good value for money. The material is thin, breathable, and offers plenty of stretches. The straps are narrow, with small holes for ventilation. The lower front straps also feature a similar design.


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