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Cypress Car Wash Products

Cypress car wash takes great pride in participating actively in its communities of operation, regularly sponsoring events and athletic programs that strengthen neighborhoods while empowering youth and organizing fundraising drives to support local families in need.

3D NANO Super Soap is a pH-balanced cleaning soap designed to create dense foam and rinse away quickly, as its high-quality fibers work to loosen dirt without scratching your car’s surface.

Wash N Wax

Wash N Wax is a high-quality car wash soap designed to safely and thoroughly clean your vehicle. A unique blend of surfactants works instantly to dissolve contaminants like dirt, pollen, mud & bird droppings, while oily road grime & traffic film are quickly broken down by this powerful cleanser, leaving behind an exquisite shine & protected surface on all types of vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV’s boats & aircraft. Its safe use ensures it can even go under the plane!

Diluted with water, this product produces a dense foam that quickly emulsifies dirt & debris, is pH balanced not to strip the waxes & sealants already applied on your vehicle, and makes an excellent addition to any weekly cleaning regimen. Whether used as a spray-on wash or disbursed from a foam gun dispenser, this product makes an invaluable part of your maintenance regime!

3D Wash N Wax is specially formulated with polymers that dramatically lower surface tension for easier rinsing and reduced towel drying time. Phosphate-free, biodegradable, and no harsh detergents included – 3D Wash N Wax is safe for all painted surfaces, including clear coat and urethane finishes.

Superior Lubricity for Prevention of Marring (SLPM) leaves an outstanding, brilliant, glossy finish that will resist water sheeting for weeks – the ideal complement to our Grit Guard and premium, lint-free microfiber towel!

Wash N Wax has the lubricity necessary to gently lift away grime and road film without scratching paintwork, while its pleasant fruit fragrance further enhances customer experience.

Wash N Wax is an ideal addition to any car wash store’s weekly washing routine, keeping vehicles looking their best while protecting the finishes of all cars, waxed or not. At Texbrite, we are delighted to provide this premium car wash product at an economical price – call us now to learn how these unique products can help your car wash business flourish!

3D NANO Super Soap

3D NANO Super Soap is an ultra-concentrated high-quality car wash soap designed for maximum dilution ratios of 1800:1. This pH-balanced formula won’t dull painted surfaces while its thick and dense foam quickly lifts contamination off surfaces, saving agitation time and helping prevent scratching of paintwork. Once rinsed clean, it leaves no soap film or residue behind.

This advanced formula wash suits painted, glass, and metal surfaces. Its powerful grease emulsifier quickly dissolves dirt, grime, and road film from surfaces, resulting in a clean, glossy surface ready for protection by wax or sealant products.

This highly concentrated product utilizes nanotechnology to effectively reduce sludge and dirt buildup in car wash facilities, while its low viscosity enables it to flow easily through water lines and nozzles for more accessible application and reduced water use. As a result, more effective car washes with less water consumption are possible than with traditional products.

This product is biodegradable and VOC compliant in all 50 states, satisfying California Prop 65 requirements and the EPA Safer Chemicals Act regulations. Therefore, it makes an ideal addition to hand washing and touchless or automatic car washes.

This product’s innovative manufacturing process allows it to be produced more concentrated than other car soaps. Ingredients are extracted using an ultra-super extraction method and micro-homogenized to form an easily re-mixable homogenous solution – meaning you get excellent cleaning results even after adding water back in.

3D NANO provides professional detailers with more than just car wash soap – they also include wheel cleaners, iron removers, and prewash concentrates for their products.

NANO PreWash Concentrate is a high-foaming, mildly alkaline prewash designed before two bucket wash methods. It can effectively remove oils, polish residue, fillers, and fats from surfaces and dissolve chitin pollen and insect remains to prepare your vehicle for cleaning.

Wash Mitts

Wash mitts are designed to spread soap suds when washing a car, usually made of sheepskin, wool, chenille, or synthetic materials such as polyester. Wash gloves tend to be smaller than towels and designed to hold large quantities of water and soap suds without harming paintwork; additionally, they can also be used to wipe down dashboards, wheels, and other parts of vehicles more quickly and easily – making the car washing experience much simpler and faster!

There are various kinds of wash mitts on the market, each offering its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Some feature soft, gentle materials, while others can be more abrasive or rougher; some are better at removing dirt than others, and some might work better on specific surfaces like glass or plastic; with several styles and colors to choose from, you should find your ideal wash mitt easily!

One of the most influential and popular wash mitts available today is made of scratch-proof microfiber chenille that is both lint- and scratch-proof, safe for all surfaces, and features a no-cuff design for easy identification of which side should be used on upper or lower sections of a vehicle.

MaxShine also offers a high-grade lambswool mitt as an excellent solution to washing mitt needs, and this durable mitt can offer superior dirt-trapping capabilities while being gentle to paint surfaces. Additionally, its durability makes it suitable for regular maintenance washes and more detailed detailing sessions.

When selecting a wash mitt, it is essential to consider both the surface you are washing and the detergent used. A lambswool mitt is best suited for smooth surfaces, while microfiber wash mitts excel when cleaning textured or contaminated surfaces. Furthermore, proper care of a wash mitt can lead to damage and premature wear; machine washing your wash mitt with mild liquid detergent free of dyes, fragrances, or fabric softeners is advised, followed by tumble drying on low heat after every washing for optimal results and maximum soft fibers in its lifecycle!

Waterless Wash

Waterless washing can save time, money, and the environment in multiple ways. Not only is it great for maintaining ceramic coatings with ease, but it is also perfect for indoor projects or keeping vehicles looking their best between full washes and detailing services. It makes maintaining show vehicles look brand new between full washes or detailing services, too!

Waterless car washes offer an alternative to traditional car washes that leave behind suds and dirt; they’re much cleaner, mess-free, faster to use, and can be used on all vehicle surfaces such as paint, clear coat, wheels, glass, etc. A quality waterless wash will leave your vehicle with an immaculate clean that leaves its exterior with an irresistibly reflective shine.

As with any car wash, when employing a waterless car wash, there are specific vital points to remember. First and foremost, use only high-quality long-pile microfiber towels designed for this application, rather than regular cotton towels which could lead to scratches and swirls in your paint job. Furthermore, focus on one panel at a time instead of moving back and forth or in circular movements; this will prevent the product from becoming embedded into dirt particles and creating micro-scratches on your car paintwork.

Most car wash products contain built-in lubrication and cleaning agents that make application simple; you shouldn’t need to apply excessive pressure when applying this product with a microfiber towel or pressure. Follow up after your car wash application by using an effective cleaner/polisher to remove any residual left on your vehicle’s surface.

Start from the top down for optimal waterless washing results. Wipe away debris when reaching each panel’s bottom edge before moving on to the next section – having extra towels available might come in handy, especially when dealing with large conferences such as the rear bumper or tailgate of trucks.


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