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Covid Certificate Verification – Bringing Convenience to Industries Processes

The COVID pandemic has served as a hassle-driving instance. It forced businesses as well as complete everyday life to undergo abruptions. This caused firms to come up with improved countering solutions to ensure standard processing. The major among these was going digital. However, where it was proven to be a good initiative, it also gave rise to many other issues like selling and purchasing fake certificates and identity thefts. 

The social distancing phenomenon has increased the need for businesses to adopt digital vaccine certificate verification solutions to ensure the better health of every customer. Keeping this in view, the tourism industry, alongside malls, hotels, motels, and airports, embraces coronavirus certificate verification as mandatory because it is obliged by central authorities. Hence, to bring back, regular processing businesses are introducing innovative methods to cater to the current global emergency.

How are Businesses Coping Up with the Pandemic-driven Consequences?

The covid pandemic is profound and has become a sensitive topic among every country and its authorities. However, where central authorities are taking required measures to counter this epidemic, businesses are also using innovative solutions to continue their functioning. 

Introducing Alternative to Know Your Customers (KYC)

The coronavirus pandemic is badly impacting businesses while enveloping the world. Therefore, industries incorporate contactless technologies and digital certificate vaccine verification services to combat negative situations. These include online wallets, cashless payments, facial validation, digital KYC, and identity authentication services. These innovative technologies have become a must-have for industries of all kinds. Here are the few sectors implementing touchless solutions to onboard customers and verify covid certificates.

Financial institutes

When the pandemic hit the shores, the financial and banking sector had to undergo a significant loss. This was mainly because they used traditional customer onboarding processes and placed auxiliary reliance on their employees. To develop better solutions, the financial industry allowed its employees to work online from home. Likewise, it allowed customers to opt for online onboarding while conducting digital covid certificate verification. However, how can the banking and financial sector ensure that the customers they are assisting meet the regulatory KYC/AML compliance. 

In place of the situation, many banks have introduced online identity verification alongside they verify covid certificates to both meet compliance and ensure health-related privacy. The sector can authentically and efficiently carry out its functioning alongside lockdown.


Another sector that needs touchless solutions is the public places, specifically airports. The number of passengers traveling inter and intra countries has dramatically increased during the lockdown situation. However, this phenomenon is posing potential virus threats to travelers. Therefore, airports have installed on-the-site test kiosks and verified covid certification in an instance to combat this problem satisfactorily.

To verify identities alongside, the majority of the airports have biometric scanners like facial verification for customers who are more concerned about their health. Hence travelers won’t have to wait in long queues. The touchless digital solution is seamless and ensures an enhanced customer experience. 

Educational Institutes

The COVID-19 pandemic also caused various disturbances and unprecedented situations in the educational sector. After airports, another gathering site is the educational institutes that are the most prone to health risks. Therefore, central governments are taking every necessary measure to cope with the outbreak and ensure students’ health-based safety. For this, they are employing digital vaccine certificate verification. Previously, institutes were shutting down their centers and opting for digital methods to teach students. However, the quality was compromised mainly as every activity was performed on online platforms, like attendance, presentations, lectures, guidance, and exams. 

This exposed the systems to various troublemakers that took advantage of the digital situation and violated standards like cheating or attending sessions with fake identities. Therefore, institutes should integrate identity verification and covid certificate verification services to combat these consequences to authenticate the students’ real identities and address health concerns. This is so because the institutes won’t stay closed forever.

In Summary

To verify covid certificates and vaccines proofs is mandatory for the majority of the sectors like financial, travel, and education. This is so because these are all public gathering sites. And addressing health concerns and complying with set health protocols is the prime responsibility of every sector. They need an automated solution that allows sectors to conduct real-time verification of covid certificates and PCR tests, and Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Therefore, digital covid certificate verification makes this seamless by offering a single-place service to meet necessary obligations.

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