Cousins Beach Shirt

Cousins Beach Shirt

Purchase this premium cousin’s beach shirt as an unforgettable way to show your affection and support for friends or family members on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, or Christmas. It’s a great way to show how much they mean!

Are You on Team Belly, Team Jeremiah, or Team Conrad? Show it with this charming cotton t-shirt featuring your favorite characters!

The Summer I Turned Pretty

Jenny Han’s best-selling trilogy or anyone seeking an entertaining summer romance will appreciate The Summer I Turned Pretty. Featuring young love and family drama with an unforgettable soundtrack that elevates each character’s narrative, The series boasts an all-star cast that makes this series perfect for summer viewing – making an enjoyable summer escape.

Season One of The Summer I Turned Pretty introduced us to Belly Conklin, a teenage girl who spent her summers at Cousins Beach with her mother, Laurel Fisher, and Susannah Fisher’s sons, Conrad and Jeremiah Fisher – who quickly become her childhood friends – until one summer she returns as an adult and finds both men competing for her attention, forming an intricate love triangle that marks both seasons of this series.

The Summer I Turned Pretty captures the feeling of being a teenager with its charming story of finding true love and self-discovery, all the while exploring some of the tricky realities of growing up and the complicated relationships within family units and friendship groups. While there were some awkward moments during Season One, overall, this show delivered an entertaining coming-of-age tale wrapped in an unexpected romance plotline.

One of the great strengths of The Summer I Turned Pretty lies in its fantastic soundtrack, which brings the characters’ stories alive while painting an authentic picture of Cousins Beach. From Taylor Swift to Kim Petras’ music, The Summer I Turned Pretty captures all aspects of teen life; its music serves as an integral character within its young adult drama format – as should be expected with any series aimed at young adult audiences.

Amazon Prime members can stream The Summer I Turned Pretty for free during its 30-day trial period; after that, the subscription will auto-renew at regular price. Individual episodes can also be purchased separately.

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Summer I Turned Pretty T-Shirt

As the romantic hit show returns for its second season, The Summer I Turned Pretty merchandise collection has come into full bloom. Offering clothes and accessories from across Cousins Beach’s summers of youth eras, these clothes and accessories will undoubtedly transport viewers back in time – or make them wish they were there each summer, too.

Lola Tung returns as Belly Conklin in this series based on Jenny Han’s New York Times best-selling young adult books alongside Rachel Blanchard, Christopher Briney, and Gavin Casalegno – making this coming-of-age drama an audience hit!

Through the course of the show, Belly wears everything from adorable graphic tees and floral-print swimsuits to cozy sweaters and stunning gowns for special occasions – not forgetting her trademark daisy jewelry and beaded bracelets! If you want to emulate Belly’s style, then these daisy huggie earrings should definitely become part of your collection.

Belly and Jeremiah share one of the most romantic scenes from The Summer I Turned Pretty when they sit before a fire at Cousins Beach House as Des’ree’s “Kissing You” plays. Belly whispers to Jeremiah as they kiss skin to skin: “You gave me the moon and stars. Infinity.” You can relive this unforgettable scene every time you wear this T-shirt.

Belly Conrad’s iconic infinity necklace from Conrad is an essential component of her look, and this replica makes an excellent keepsake. Crafted from soft, breathable fabric that keeps you cool in warmer climates. Furthermore, its wide array of colors offers something suitable to any personal style!

This item is explicitly custom-crafted for you when you place your order so that it will arrive separately from other products. This process reduces waste and our environmental impact. Printed using 100% cotton blend fabric and available in sizes S through L, this item makes a thoughtful gift.

Summer I Turned Pretty Novel Shirt

Belly has spent her whole life coming to Cousins Beach. Every summer, her mom’s best friend Susannah, her brother Steven, and their two sons Conrad and Jeremiah invite her to stay at their stunning beach house – it is where her summer memories began! But this year has been different; Conrad seems distant and mysterious, Steven worries over college admissions, and Susannah smokes far too much pot – leaving Belly looking for a change this season.

She doesn’t know precisely what that will entail, but she knows it will be positive. She finds herself finally starting to get noticed by others – at a gas station one day, she sees the clerk staring at her with admiration, and she realizes this summer will be memorable.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is an adaptation of Jenny Han’s novel of the same name and has quickly become a hit on TikTok. This romantic story about first loves and family makes for the ideal summer series to binge-watch and brings back fond childhood memories.

Show your enthusiasm for the show in many ways, including this stunning t-shirt featuring Belly and her Fisher brothers! Choose from several colors and sizes so that it perfectly reflects your style – it also makes an excellent present!

If you love Cousin’s Beach, add this charming tote bag featuring the bookstore from Cousin’s Beach as part of your collection. Crafted from a cotton and polyester blend, it will keep you cool all summer long while remaining soft and durable!

“TSITP” fans know that Belly’s infinity necklace is an indispensable must-have, and this jewelry set offers the ideal way to channel her style. Featuring daisy huggie earrings and a pendant that complements any look perfectly, as well as an eco-friendly rose gold finish necklace made on demand and eco-friendly production methods to reduce waste, this jewelry set won’t end up sitting around gathering dust in landfills!