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Cool Places to Travel in Moradabad, India

Located on the banks of the Ramganga river, the city of Moradabad is situated about 167 kilometres from New Delhi and 344 kilometres north of Lucknow. It’s known for its many temples and attractions. It is a great place to spend your vacation. If you’ve never been to Moradabad, you should plan a visit.

Bade Hanuman Ji Temple

If you are looking for an excellent place to travel in Moradabad, India, you should consider visiting the Bade Hanuman Ji Temple. The temple is home to statues of Lord Hanuman. It is believed to be over 400 years old and near the Sita Ashram Playground. The temple is situated on a small mount, and a pathway that leads to it is believed to be the route that Lord Hanuman took to incarnate at this spot.

This temple is located on Baba Kharak Singh Road, about 250 m south of the city’s commercial district. Special days of worship are held every Tuesday and Saturday. The full moon day of Chaitra month is celebrated with great fanfare, and a colourful procession adorned with festoons and Hanuman idols fills the streets.

Moradabad is a popular tourist destination in India. The city is served by regular buses from various cities. It is also easily accessible by taxi or car from the airport. Many state-of-the-art hotels are also available to accommodate tourists.

Braham Dev Ji Temple

You can visit Braham Dev Ji Temple in Moradabad. This Hindu temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha. It also has idols of Hanuman Ji, Goddess Kali, and the Shiv Family. It is located close to the town centre. You can easily reach this destination by bus. Many state-run buses ply to Moradabad. You can also opt for private luxury buses.

The city is home to several luxurious hotels. You can stay at any of them and enjoy the ambience. Moradabad is also well-connected with major cities through regular buses and cabs. Moreover, it is well-connected by train and car.

Moradabad is located in the western region of Uttar Pradesh. The son of Shah Jahan founded it. The city is a hub of brass manufacturing hub anded to as the ‘Brass City’. In addition to being a significant trading centre, Moradabad also has several important religious places to visit.

Gautam Buddha Park

Moradabad is home to many historical monuments, including the Gautam Buddha Park on Harthola Station Road. This park has many trees and other features that will make it a fun place for the entire family to enjoy. It also has post bench railings, garden fountains, and swings.

The park is also home to a giant marble statue of the Buddha. There are numerous fountains, lamp posts, benches, and swings, and the park also features an artificial canal for paddle boating. The park is also a popular hangout for locals.

Whether you’re looking for a spiritual retreat or just want to enjoy the cool weather, there are several attractions in Moradabad to keep you busy. The Sai Temple, for instance, is a popular destination for Sai devotees. It has beautiful architecture and welcomes people from all faiths and beliefs. Many say the temple has healing powers. Another historical monument in the city is the Gautam Buddha Park, a favourite of locals and tourists alike.

Shri Sai Karuna Dham

The Sai Temple is a famous pilgrimage centre and welcomes people of all religions. The sanctuary’s primary divinity is Sai Baba, Siddha Bhagavan or Sabka Saath. If you have a physical problem, the temple provides free doctor prescriptions. This temple is located in Moradabad’s Deen Dayal Nagar, Phase II area.

This place is considered one of to country’s oldest temples and is known for its brass work. It is visited by many people every day and attracts huge crowds during the Navratri festival. The Moradabad Railway Station is a convenient option for travellers.

The Dham is home to a large number of holy shrines and temples. It has a Mandapam in front of the Paduka Mandir used for religious discourses and spiritual activities. There are also rooms for hermits and Saints to perform their religious austerities.


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