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Cinema Advertising: Captivating Global Audiences

Cinema Advertising can be defined as the process of playing advertisements before the main movie starts. In 2017, advertising revenue from cinemas in the United States was $870 million, while the global revenue generated by cinema advertising was $2.76B in 2017. The very nature of watching a movie in the cinema creates the ideal environment for marketers to capture the attention of consumers, as they are already highly engaged and receptive. Cinema advertising can be considered one of the most influential advertising channels.

Having already been found by multiple studies to increase brand recall, which is the consumer’s ability to remember a brand when prompted. Brand recall can help consumers pick a specific brand from a list of other brands. Interestingly, it has been found that consumers have a greater brand recall from watching an advertisement on the cinema screen than on TV. Brand recall from cinemas can be anywhere between 5-6 times higher than on TV. Consumers also perceive brands that are advertised on the big screen as being more credible. Cinema advertising can certainly influence the attitudes of consumers towards a brand according to many studies.

Key Insights into Cinema Audience Knowing your audience is always key, even in cinema advertising, studies have found that consumers generally have a neutral or positive perception of ads running in the cinema. According to one study even consumers that did not like having to watch advertisements before their movie, would rather watch them than nothing. According to Owczarski (2013), majority of consumers visit the cinema during the weekend, there is also an increase in the number of people visiting the cinema during the summer. Consumers that regularly go to the cinema also watch less tv than those that don’t and they generally have a higher income.

There are many opportunities for both brands and cinemas to fully utilise this medium. The goal for advertisers is to not interrupt the movie watching process as is done on tv but to complement it with their ads. This has led to certain brands creating ads specifically for cinema, such as Nike and Red Bull.
Advertising Accord Upgrade your cinema advertising process with Advertising Accord, Unique X’s most advanced cinema advertising management software solution. Advertising Accord helps brands fully utilise the power of cinema advertising by providing delivery optimization, dynamic scheduling and inventory management and monetization.

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About Unique X Unique X is a brand for the future of digital cinema, providing intelligent autonomous solutions and content services. Unique X operates in 80 countries globally and specialises in delivering innovative cinema software. To date, more than 200 million GB of data have been transferred, and over 300 million advertising playlists have been delivered. Cinema solutions include RosettaBridge TMS (Theater Management System), RosettaNet Circuit Management System, Movie Transit (Digital Cinema Package Content Delivery Network), Basekey (KDM management), RosettaPOS (Point of Sale), RosettaLive (Event Streaming) and our suite of sophisticated pre-show products of Advertising Accord, AdTransit and SmartTrailering.


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