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Choosing Framed Canvas Wall Art

When it comes to canvas wall art, there are many options available. However, selecting one is not as straightforward as buying a framed picture from a shop. You need to choose the style and size of the art piece to fit the space. This article will discuss some important factors when selecting canvas wall art.

Choosing the right canvas wall art

Choosing the right framed canvas wall art can be a bit daunting, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Luckily, there are some guidelines that you can follow to ensure you pick the right piece. Canvas wall art is an excellent option if you’re looking to add color, definition, and style to a room.

Ideally, the art should cover 60%-75% of the wall space. It shouldn’t be too large or too small and should not block any moldings or furniture. By measuring the wall space, you can quickly determine the canvas size you’ll need. Then, divide the wall measurement by 0.60 or 0.75 by nine or five to get the correct canvas size. Ideally, it would help if you aimed for a canvas between 5.4 and 6.75 feet wide.

Choose the style of the canvas wall art based on the room type. For example, if the room is modern, landscapes may better fit abstract art. Another important consideration is the canvas size, as the correct size can make the room look elegant or out of place.

Choosing the right size

Choosing the right size for your framed canvas wall art is essential. Not only is the size of the canvas important, but you also need to consider the width and height of the walls. You can choose the right size for your home by following a few simple rules.

The first step in choosing the right size for your framed canvas wall art is to measure the area where you will be hanging it. You can do this with masking tape or sheets of paper. Then, leave it up for a few days to get a feel for its size. You can also use your phone to take a photo of the artwork to compare its size.

Another tip for choosing the right size for your framed canvas wall art is to consider the orientation of the image. For example, if you want to hang a portrait-oriented picture on a narrow wall, you should choose a square-shaped canvas. On the other hand, if you’re going to turn it above your bed or couch, you should select a landscape-oriented canvas.

Choosing the right style

Choosing the right style of framed canvas art is crucial to complement the overall style of your room. A classic painting will look stunning in a gold-leafed frame, while modern images are best showcased in simple wooden frames. In addition, abstract paintings and other contemporary works look best in a simple box frame with a thin border. You can also choose a combination of both modern and traditional boundaries. Black frames go well with most interiors, while white frames go well with brightly-colored works and accentuate against white walls.

The first step in choosing framed canvas wall art is knowing the color scheme of your room. This will allow you to select a piece that compliments the colors of the room without taking away from the design elements in the room. Similarly, vibrant Art Prints London can bring a fresh and vibrant look to the room. Taking a swatch of the room’s colors with you when shopping for canvas wall art is highly recommended. It’s a waste of money to buy a canvas piece that clashes with the rest of your room’s design scheme.

Choosing the right material

Choosing a suitable material is crucial when framing your canvas wall art. You want it to be sturdy yet easy to hang on the wall. There are some options, from wood frames to metal frames. Choose one with a rabbet that is deep enough for the stretched canvas. If you’re using metal frames, you may want to use spring clips to keep the canvas in place.

Choosing the material for your wall art depends on the style and weight of the artwork. Traditional framed prints and canvases can hang on a nail, but more significant works may require sawtooth brackets or eye hooks. You can also hang smaller pieces with adhesive strips.

The look of the framed canvas is similar to that of the single-panel canvas, but there’s a third layer. It’s usually made of thick wood for a more elegant look. Alternatively, you can opt for a solid black frame to keep the focus on the art. This style is most commonly found in museums and galleries. It also requires low maintenance and looks polished, subconsciously affecting a viewer’s perception of space.


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