Celebrating on a boat in Barcelona

Why not? Renting a boat for a birthday, a friendly dinner, or any other event is fresh and cool. You can gather some money and take a decent ship with several decks, a leather salon, and VIP cabins. The list of desired components can be continued indefinitely. The yacht company “Barcelona Boat Rental,” which provides such services, is ready to fulfill any customer’s wish who is willing to part with a small amount of money.

Details are here along with an extensive catalog of boats, yachts, speedboats, and catamarans for rent. The choice is genuinely significant, so we recommend consulting with managers initially to ensure that the expectations of the festive event are fully met.

The plan for the celebration should be established from the start. In principle, representatives of the ship-owning company will come to the rescue in case of difficulties. They will suggest options for additional accompaniment, and menus and pick the most suitable boat. Everything will be calculated thoroughly.

If you are organizing a children’s party, questions about ensuring the safety of young passengers fall on the shoulders of parents. This means that invited animators, waiters, and other entertainment industry representatives will be doing their job. Adults should ensure children do not climb over fences and behave within the allowable limits.

Specific rules exist for all passengers, and the lease agreement specifies the details. The most popular question is the loading/unloading time for passengers. It is included in the rent. Half an hour before and half an hour after the agreed-upon time are provided free of charge. It is not a whim but a standard business approach and a respectful attitude towards the service staff.

Birthday party on a yacht. Ideas for entertainment in Barcelona

The warm season is here: girls wear short skirts, and boys start thinking about where to have fun, aside from a bar or restaurant. Let’s see what you can do in Barcelona during the warm season.

The simplest and cheapest pastime is a walk around Barcelona. Barcelona is lucky to be located on the Mediterranean Sea. Thanks to the sea, Barcelona’s residents can swim and sunbathe within the city, enjoy the coolness on hot days, and admire the beautiful views. They also have access to water entertainment, such as fishing, boating, and yachting.

Boat excursions on a yacht are popular among residents and guests of Barcelona. It has become popular to hold prom nights, corporate events, and other celebrations on a boat. Those lucky enough to be born in spring, summer, or fall can celebrate an unforgettable birthday on a yacht, cruising the Mediterranean Sea!

The service of a birthday party on a boat is provided by the company “Barcelona Boat Rental.” The company also provides boats of various capacities for rent – from 25 to 250 people – and offers services for an outdoor restaurant (banquets, receptions both on board and onshore) and other entertainment (DJ services, attractions).

So, take note – a great idea for celebrating any occasion, including a birthday, is on a pleasure boat! And be sure to time it to see the sunset!

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