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Cardarine Side Effects

Cardarine (GW501516) is a performance-enhancing drug that alters energy metabolism via the PPAR pathway. It causes fat cells to release their stored energy faster, leading to improved endurance performance and weight loss. Furthermore, its effects have been found to help decrease blood lipid levels and boost endurance levels. The actual Interesting Info about cardarine.

However, when given in excess doses to mice, it was found to cause cancer formation, leading to its prohibition from sports use.

Increased Risk of Cancer

Cardarine was studied as a research chemical to boost metabolism, prevent obesity, and increase muscle growth. Unfortunately, however, studies were discontinued when it was discovered that this medication could potentially cause cancerous tumors in animals in relatively short order.

Not a SARM (selective androgen receptor modulator), PPAR agonists change how your body uses energy and have been reported to reduce blood lipids, ease diabetes/obesity conditions, and enhance sports performance.

Although online forums and blogs tend to downplay the risks of this compound, it remains a hazardous substance that no one should ever consume. It has been known to lead to liver damage as well as induce insomnia; moreover, it may cause numerous adverse side effects, which include:

Increased Risk of Liver Toxicity

Cardarine stimulates cell growth, increasing overall cell count and hepatotoxicity risk. If taken for extended periods or at higher dosage levels, its risk increases further; for this reason, it should only be used for short durations – no more than 12 weeks at most – with PCT cycles to protect your liver as effectively as possible.

Cardarine works to switch your body over to using fat for energy instead of glucose, helping prevent Type 2 diabetes and obesity while decreasing insulin resistance and increasing reverse cholesterol transport (RCT), thus decreasing the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Supplements that boost endurance and performance are popular with athletes and bodybuilders who wish to increase endurance and performance. It should be taken early in the day, ideally before training; otherwise, it may interfere with sleep cycles. Before taking this supplement, consult your federation’s list of banned substances first.


Cardarine may cause drowsiness if taken at an inappropriate time; to ensure you receive enough sleep at night, take it earlier in the day or before exercise. Doing this will increase its efficacy.

Also an effective fat burner, HCG breaks down excess body fat while increasing muscle mass over time. However, its effects take time to become noticeable; to maximize HCG’s effectiveness, it is best to adhere to the recommended dosage and follow appropriate PCT cycles when taking this supplement.

GW-501516 or Cardarine (or Endurobol) has become popular among athletes and bodybuilders for enhancing endurance, burning fat, and increasing lean muscles. Most sports organizations that conduct drug testing on players prohibit its use; its abuse can have serious side effects, including cancer, liver damage, and impairing fetal development – though studies conducted with rats and mice showed it helped accelerate wound healing faster.

Inflammation of the Brain

Cardarine (GW-501616) was initially created by Ligand and Glaxo Smith Kline in 1991 for treating metabolic syndrome, counteracting obesity, and increasing muscle growth. Unfortunately, animal studies revealed that its use caused cancer in various organs, forcing its discontinuation as development continued.

Cardarine has not only proven itself effective at fat loss, but it has also demonstrated cardioprotective properties by significantly reducing cholesterol levels, blood sugar and insulin levels, inflammation levels in the body, and activating PPAR-delta receptors.

Cardarine can be an excellent way to reduce weight without using stimulants like caffeine or ephedrine. Available from many online vendors in liquid form, third-party testing of any product bought should ensure its purity and quality; you should also always consult with your sports federation before using performance enhancers as this can ensure no unexpected substance gets taken that may be banned during competitions.

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