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Can TangoTab XL Tablet Help Students in Classroom?

Students studying at school today require digital devices so their studies would be more
effective. Many schools are conducting online classes due to pandemics and students need a digital device to access online classes. Even during offline classes, digital devices can be helpful as students can take up tests and assessments through the device. Outside the classroom, they can use the device to search for information to complete their homework and projects. The best type of digital device for students is a tablet. The TangoTab XL is a tablet that combines the efficiency of a laptop with the convenience of a mobile phone.  Find out the best info about Simbans TangoTab.

About the TangoTab XL

The SimbansTangoTab XL is a 2-in-tablet that offers a touch-screen Android interface and also has a detachable keyboard. This is very convenient since you can use the tablet as mobile and also like a laptop. The tablet is very convenient since it has a large 11.6-inch screen that offers a wider display. It comes with a stylish leather cover that protects the tablet and makes it look good. The tablet has a fast processor, a memory of 4 GB, battery life of 5 to 8 hours, and an 8 MP front camera. All these are great features for a tablet device.

How the TangoTab XL can help students?

For students, there is no better device than the TangoTab XL. Take a look at the following to
understand why this tablet is the best device you can gift to your child.

1) The tablet has touch-screen functionality making it easy to use. It uses the popular
Android operating system that is convenient. School kids would find it easy to use this
2) Since the tablet has a detachable keyboard, it can be used as a laptop. When students need to prepare projects or homework, they can type text in MS Word or even create a
PowerPoint presentation easily. The keyboard makes the tablet work just like a laptop.
3) The TangoTabXL has a larger screen that is 30% wider than most tablets in the market. It has the best resolution of 1366 x 768. This makes viewing the screen easy for children
and does not strain their eyes.
4) There are many pre-installed apps that students can use to create documents, drawings, or any other school work. Any app available on Android can be installed on the tablet, like
videoconferencing apps for online classes.
5) The excellent configuration of the tablet makes it a fast device with sufficient memory allowing students to use it conveniently.
6) The long battery backup allows students to take it to school and use it the whole day
without the battery draining.

The information presented above would have helped you understand more about the TangoTab XL and how it helps students in the classroom. If you are looking for a tablet to buy for a school student, then this tablet is the best option. Rich in features and functionality, the tablet comes at a very cost-effective price, making it the ideal solution for your needs.

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