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Best Takeout Near Me in NYC

Best Takeout Near Me in NYC

Takeout and delivery have become essential parts of restaurant businesses in this fast-casual era, enabling many establishments that did not previously provide them to survive the pandemic.

Fausto is one of the top-rated Italian restaurants in New York City, boasting dishes like gemelli and mezze rigatoni that have earned hundreds of reviews on Google, Grubhub, and Seamless. Furthermore, they also provide delivery of pizza, pasta, and desserts.


Atoboy opened in Flatiron in 2016 with four courses for $75, including gratuity, and can accommodate large parties of diners. You can select items like sea urchin, beef tartare, sunchokes, and bass or pork belly to pair with a base of rice and banchan dishes; their signature dish, however, is the fried chicken supplement, featuring perfectly crisp tempura covered in gochujang-laced peanut sauce!

Pete Wells of The New York Times recounts that upon hearing about Atoboy’s emphasis on banchan–the selection of small dishes typically included as the start of traditional Korean meals–he was initially dubious, convinced this move was just another ploy by Atoboy to charge us extra for something that used to come included with our meals; yet ultimately found these dishes “marvels of perfection,” such as cornbread with pickled vegetables and soybean paste and an octopus served like wagon wheels around chorizo-and-kimchee centerpieces.

Atoboy is run by Chef Junghyun Park and his wife Ellia and offers food that maintains his refined approach from his previous jobs, yet without becoming fussy. Fermented and preserved foods are featured prominently, providing acidity, umami, and heat, yet their flavors remain beautifully balanced.

Service at this restaurant is friendly yet discrete, creating a welcoming ambiance in which young diners from Koreatown and its environs often meet for lunch, with some going straight to karaoke afterward.


Fausto Restaurant in NYC provides delicious dishes perfect for date night or impressing your friends – like their delightful lamb barbacoa tacos and shrimp ceviche tostada, which will surely meet all your cravings for something new and original.

Fausto offers delicious food at great value with top-tier service to match. They even provide drinks like cocktails and wine to complement their meals! Order their food online or by phone – they’ll deliver right to your door!

Fausto in Park Slope serves up some of the city’s best sandwiches. Their menu boasts artisanal bread and meats from around the world; their deli offers an impressive wine selection. While prices at Fausto may be higher than other local sandwich shops, their delicious cuisine makes the extra expense well worth your while!

Fausto provides a modern interpretation of Goethe’s classic tale with all of the familiar plot points: an arrogant rock impresario selling their soul for eternal youth, Mephisto betting with an angel, and ending on an unexpected note by spreading disease throughout Faust’s small town. Miguel Angel Sola and Eduard Fernandez give outstanding performances as Faust and Valle-Mephisto, respectively, in this sexually charged movie.

After losing their beloved neighborhood slice joint last December, fans rejoiced with Antonio’s rapid return. Offering an extensive menu full of options – we recommend starting with their deliciously garlicky Grandma pie as a starting point!


Mimmo’s is a restaurant with something for every member of your family to enjoy, with an extensive menu featuring Italian fare. Their pizza and pasta will leave your tastebuds wanting more, while their calzones and desserts will leave your mouth watering! Located in Great Kills, this hidden gem has quickly become famous due to their delicious food; their owners and families are always on hand to answer any inquiries about what their restaurant can offer you compared to expensive white tablecloth restaurants in New York City.

Food at this takeout restaurant in NYC is highly cost-effective; you can get a burger for under $7 and 10 dumplings for $4.50! Their menu boasts delicious offerings like their b1 pork burger and spicy cumin lamb burger. Don’t hesitate to bring the whole family! This takeout spot makes an ideal destination.

This family-owned restaurant has been operating for more than 50 years. The decor evokes classic Italy, and the staff is welcoming and helpful. The owner actively participates in his establishment – greeting guests by name and remembering orders. It is an ideal spot for enjoying delicious meals while making new friends!

Alongside its food offerings, this restaurant also provides drinks. Their bartenders are incredibly welcoming and will be more than happy to recommend something that might suit you perfectly! Additionally, prices at this 24-hour eatery are pretty reasonable, and you are free to drop by anytime you wish!


Stamatis stands out among Astoria’s many excellent Greek restaurants as one of its stand-out spots, serving a menu that brings home-cooked goodness right to you! Classic items such as pastitsio and stuffed cabbage sit alongside modern creations like baklava and hummus at reasonable prices – making Stamatis perfect for family meals or shared amongst friends!

Since 1988, this restaurant in Central Harlem has been providing delicious Eritrean and Ethiopian fare at affordable prices to the residents of NYC. They’ve become known for their delicious plates like Ful and Berbere; their B1 Pork Burger (best seller) and Spicy Cumin Lamb Burger are incredibly well received. Plus, their Noodle Dishes can fill you up – but be warned: these dishes can be very spicy!

Chinatown offers some of the finest Xi’an Famous foods in New York City, making this location in Chinatown ideal for takeout. Sample their affordable yet satisfying pho and banh mi, tasty dumplings, and flavorful noodles – and their delicious dumplings!

One of the many joys of living in NYC is experiencing food from around the globe. Takeout and delivery were essential in relieving people of the pandemic’s symptoms; now, you can sample some of the finest cuisine on your way to work or school! So next time you crave something exotic or delectable, try one of these places!

Bagels and Butter

There’s something to be said for supporting local restaurants during difficult times. Many establishments not offering delivery before the pandemic have now added it to keep people fed and the business alive. Boston boasts an impressive variety of takeout and delivery restaurants, whether just for a quick bite or full meal delivery service.

Recently, in New York City, a restaurant opened that combined their deli and bagel shop into one location to save customers travel costs while saving time and money. Unfortunately, this proved an inferior decision as neither space offered as much comfort as before nor provided appealing food options.

Bagels and Butter was an oasis in this chaotic city. Specializing in classic dishes like lox and cream cheese on a bagel or bialy and serving some tasty sandwiches, their natural star attraction was their delicious bagel soup and gigantic bagels themselves; best enjoyed on the go, they can also be ordered online and delivered!

Other noteworthy Brooklyn takeaway joints include Eim Khao Mun Kai for fried chicken, Sadelle’s Indian Tacos for taco-style Indian cuisine, and Yumpling Taiwanese dumplings from Long Island City flea market (formerly Yumpling’s stand), which have now expanded with their storefront in Queens.

You can also get delicious Balkan cuisine at Astoria’s The Burek Factory. Their handmade phyllo dough pies are filling, affordable, and available in both savory and sweet varieties; plus, you can order online to have it conveniently delivered right to your door in short order!