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Best Survey Sites in India

Various online survey websites allow users to make money by filling out surveys; however, not all are legitimate, and some may even scam you. Find the best survey sites in india.

Finding the ideal survey site is paramount to success in India, and I will share some legitimate sites here that pay you for your efforts.


Neobux is a PTC (Pay to Click) website which pays users for watching advertisements, playing games, taking surveys, and referring friends. Neobux offers reliable service with timely payments made available to its users.

Neobux offers multiple languages to make signing up easier for new users and is immensely popular, boasting millions of members worldwide.

Neobux’s anti-cheat system is among its hallmark features; any time someone attempts to use software that automatically clicks ads for them, their account will be banned and suspended immediately.

Neobux has developed its particular referral system known as “rented referral.”

Renting referrals can effectively boost earnings, but you must ensure you do it wisely. Renting too many can result in them disappearing quickly; thus, having a small pool of reliable referrals is more beneficial than having many unreliable ones.


Superpayme is a GPT (Get Paid To) website that rewards its members for performing various online tasks such as completing offers, surveys, and watching videos. This site pays its members for performing duties such as filling out offers and surveys and watching videos.

Earning potential from online activities is relatively high; you could earn between $2 and $10 for every completed offer.

Referrals are another great way of earning with Superpayme, providing a potentially massive source of extra income. Referring someone will net you 25% of what they deserve.

This program can provide an additional source of money for things such as utilities and food costs while supplementing your regular income from day jobs.

Superpayme also provides a rewards system where you can quickly gain points by performing tasks such as completing sponsored offers, taking surveys, or viewing PTC banner ads. Your earned points can then be converted to cash or gift cards!


Viewfruit is an online survey site that rewards members for taking surveys, making it an excellent way to earn extra cash online.

This site provides various ways for its members to earn points, including surveys and referral programs. Once made, these points can be redeemed for prizes or sweepstake entries.

Social chat features are also allows members to engage with one another, providing an excellent opportunity for meeting people and discussing topical matters.

Viewfruit offers an extra particular draw to give away additional gifts, which varies each month – be sure to visit their website regularly to stay up-to-date.

Signing up with MyPollBox is quick and straightforward – the entire sign-up process should take only around 10 seconds! After receiving an email with a verification code, simply complete your profile to start taking surveys!

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