Portuguese Red Wines to Try

Best Portuguese Red Wines to Try

Portugal is known for its fortified Port wine, but its grapes can also produce exciting reds. Despite the Portuguese wine country’s modest fame, its wines are worth trying. The IWSC has confirmed that red Portuguese wines will feature in its Northern Hemisphere tasting in 2020, so you can’t go wrong with a bottle from this country. Read on to learn more about Portuguese wines and discover which ones you should try. Select the Best Portuguese Red Wines to Try.

The country is also home to several grape varieties, including the famous Vinho Verde. This young, refreshing wine is characterized by fresh citrus and apple flavors. It can be enjoyed on its own or paired with various seafood dishes. While you’re in Portugal, purchase some Vinho Verde wines at a local winery to experience the country’s diverse nuances.

For a quick introduction to Portuguese wines, start by visiting wine-producing regions. While you’ll eventually try specific grape varieties, it’s a good idea to begin by scouting the areas in which the wine is produced. Visiting wine-producing regions is a great way to learn about the country, its winemaking region, and its history and culture. You’ll be surprised at how varied Portuguese wines can be.

Portugal is known for producing high-quality wines that are incredibly affordable. Casa Santos Lima is a top producer in this region and exports to over 50 countries. Their wines are known for their dense fruity blend and go well with winter casseroles and roast pork. The 2015 Vinha Maria Premium is an example of Portuguese table wine with a 13% alcohol content. The wine has a velvety taste with notes of spices and ripe berries. It’s also good with simple dishes.

Another Portuguese wine to try is Moscatel roxo. This wine is produced from a particular purple grape called Moscatel. It’s similar to white port, though made from rare grapes. Most producers don’t advertise their tasting schedules online, so you may have to call ahead. If you’re visiting Lisbon, be sure to check out local wineries. If the price is right, you can spend a day sampling all kinds of Portuguese wines.

A great way to learn more about Portuguese wine is to attend a wine event. The Wines of Portugal has some events aimed at both the trade and the consumer. Their evening consumer show was a failure in 2018 as they left a room full of uninformed consumers. However, the company has made up for this failure by investing in a tie-up with the Three Wine Men. These wine experts have extensive knowledge of Portuguese wines and are well worth the price.

While many Portuguese winemakers are known for their Alvarinho, the quality of these wines has increased with the advent of ambitious winemakers. The most famous Portuguese wines are Mateus and Vinho Verde, not simple whites. But for an exciting treat, try Catarina Vieira’s vivid reds of the Alentejo region. You will be amazed by how well these Portuguese wines match up with seafood.

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