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Best Cardiologists in Surat

Cardiologists offer comprehensive care for heart-related conditions and diseases. They diagnose and treat congenital heart defects, heart failures, coronary artery diseases, and valvular heart disease.

You can visit an offline or online clinic for the best cardiologists in Surat. Some doctors also accept payment methods like cash, UPI, and internet banking for convenience.

Dr. Ashish Viradiya

Surat, India’s financial hub, is renowned for its business activities and diamond exports. Furthermore, Surat boasts an unpolluted environment that attracts many tourists annually.

Dr. Ashish Viradiya is widely recognized as one of Surat’s premier cardiologists. Additionally, his expertise spans gynecology and infertility treatments.

He is affiliated with the Trinity Test Tube Baby Center of Surat and has an impressive IVF success rate. His clinic boasts state-of-the-art technology, clinical experts, and medical equipment to deliver world-class services.

His clinic specializes in IVF, advanced fertility treatment, Gynecology surgical procedures, donor insemination, and Obstetrics problems and Gynae problems. Furthermore, he offers Intrauterine Insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), and Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). For couples struggling with infertility issues, his clinic provides a secure space to find answers to their queries.

Dr. Praful B. Doshi

Surat, India’s diamond city, is renowned for its clean environment. Surat was recently named one of the five cleanest cities worldwide.

PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday expressed his condolences over the passing of Dr. Praful Doshi, a gynecologist from Surat who he had met earlier that day.

Doshi is a well-recognized gynecologist in the city with over three decades of experience. His specialties include advanced laparoscopic surgeries, urogynaecology, and IVF.

He has helped thousands of couples conceive their children. His clinic boasts the latest technology, cutting-edge research, and top clinical experts.

He is a senior consultant at Blossom IVF Centre and was previously an esteemed professor of gynecology in the medical colleges of Jamnagar and Surat for 18 years, where his passion for teaching was widely acknowledged.

Dr. Mitesh Chauhan

The top cardiologists in Surat can provide you with timely and efficient care. Furthermore, they help manage and regulate your health to prevent diseases or conditions affecting the heart and cardiovascular system.

Dr. Mitesh Chauhan is a highly-experienced physician in Surat who can address your cardiac needs. With an impressive medical background and 11 years of practice, Dr. Chauhan has earned himself a place of trust within the community.

He is an expert in Non-Invasive Cardiology, Chest Pain Treatment, Treadmill Test – TMT, and Cardiography and has been a prominent figure for years in these fields.

He is practicing at The Heartbeat Clinic – L.P. Savani in Surat and offers video consultations via MyUpchar. He also provides various other services and treatments, which you can learn more about by visiting his profile on hydrology.

Dr. Vipul R Bhadiyadra

Cardiologists in Surat are medical specialists with the knowledge and skill to treat heart-related ailments. These professionals specialize in congenital heart defects, heart failures, coronary artery diseases, and valvular heart issues.

Internal medicine doctors, also called internists, are primary healthcare physicians who can diagnose and treat common illnesses and more serious medical conditions. Furthermore, they can help prevent certain diseases while referring patients to other specialists when necessary.

The cost of a cardiologist’s consultation in Surat can vary based on the doctor’s experience level, consultation fees, and other factors. You have several payment options: cash, credit/debit card, UPI (unlimited pay-in-advance), internet banking, or wallet (if you have access to Bajaj Finserv Health plan with wallet benefit) for making payments for your appointment.


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