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Best Apps For Food Delivery in Train

Looking for delicious Indian or international cuisine on your train journey? These apps for food delivery provide safe and hygienic meals delivered directly to your seat on any trip! Typically the Interesting Info about food delivery in train.

This app helps you locate restaurants near your station and order for delivery, making payments online or upon pickup.

Yatri Bhojan

Yatri Bhojan is an award-winning train food delivery service offering freshly packed meals directly to your seat. In addition, their user-friendly online app can be downloaded for free, making ordering food more straightforward than ever!

At Pizza Corner, they offer a selection of North Indian, Fast Food, Chinese, Punjabi, and Bakery Confectionery dishes with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available on their menus.

Additionally, they offer an impressive variety of chaat items and beverages to complete your meal experience.

This app is an invaluable asset to those who travel frequently by train. Available across over 150 stations, its sole aim is to assist commuters as much as possible.

They employ a 24/7 team to ensure that orders are processed on time and provide multiple ways for you to contact them should something go wrong.


Gofoodieonline is an acclaimed e-catering service provider and one of the best ways to satisfy your tastebuds on the move. Boasting top-quality food and a superior customer support system, its mobile app and website have simplified ordering and tracking orders. Whether for delicious fried rice or pizza delivery, go foodie online and have you covered on both counts!

Depending on your appetite and desired budget, your food can arrive in either a tiffin box or an oversize bag. Take note of special offers – for instance, after an epic meal, you could save up to 60% with Gofoodieonline, and first-time customers even qualify for discounts of up to 15%!


Train travel is a favorite mode of transport among millions of Indians, yet long journeys often leave passengers hungry and worn out.

RailRestro provides fresh and healthy foods directly to passengers traveling by rail.

E-catering startup Foodpanda works on a marketplace-like business model with vendor tie-ups across India to deliver meals directly to customers via an app, website, or call center.

RailRestro uses a real-time tracking system to ensure on-time delivery. It monitors train timings, routes, and stations en route to destinations and alerts vendors accordingly.

They also offer discounts for bulk orders, allowing passengers to use e-catering services at discounted prices. Furthermore, the company strictly adheres to hygiene norms; its rules include thermal scanning restaurant staff and delivery personnel during operations, wearing face masks during deliveries, and daily sanitization of kitchens.


TravelKhana is an online platform offering quality food and snacks for train passengers at reasonable prices. Partnering with restaurants throughout India, TravelKhana delivers hot meals directly to train seats hygienically prepared by chefs.

The platform utilizes a digital system to track trains in real-time, enabling restaurants to prepare and deliver food before arrival – your order can usually be placed up to 30 minutes in before its scheduled arrival timeTravelKhana offers convenient ordering solutions via its website, call center, and mobile app. In addition, orders are verified before they’re delivered via email and SMS for additional security and peace of mind.

TravelKhana offers an array of menu items suitable for all tastes and dietary requirements, with discounts and special promotions that can be redeemed with TravelKhana coupons – making for an economic train journey experience!

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