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Bell Insurance Review

Bell Insurance Review

Bell Insurance is a cheap option for many people, and their prices are generally comparable with others. However, prices can vary by day and even by location. Nonetheless, Bell insurance is a reasonable choice for some people, especially if you are in your mid-20s and have an excellent no-claims bonus and five years of driving experience.

Black box policy

Bell Insurance offers a black box policy to drivers. This policy helps insurers understand drivers’ driving behavior and offer tailored premiums. Young drivers may find this policy particularly useful, as the black box allows insurers to monitor a driver’s behavior over time. High-risk drivers may also find this policy beneficial.

Insurers increasingly use black box technology to monitor drivers’ behavior and performance. The information is then used to calculate the driver’s driving score. The score determines the premium for the following year. Insurers reward safe drivers with additional benefits, including bonus miles, retail vouchers, and premium discounts. However, before purchasing a black box policy, drivers should consider the restrictions that the policy imposes. For example, some policies have curfew restrictions, whereas others allow drivers to drive only a certain number of miles in a specified period.

Another benefit of black box policies is that they may ban drivers from driving between midnight and 5 am, affecting their driving scores. Another benefit of black box policies is that they can notify insurers of an accident and even contact emergency services. This can help drivers defend their no-claims discount.

Discounts after six months

Bell insurance discounts are offered to new drivers with a claim-free driving record for at least six months. These discounts are calculated as a percentage of your premium and increase each year you are claim-free. Depending on your age, you can get 8% off your premium after your first year and 37% after nine years of no claims.

Bell also offers discounts for safe drivers willing to install a black box into their car’s 12V socket. This device tracks your driving style. If you are a careful driver, you’ll stay within the speed limit and avoid sudden accelerations and stops. Bell may even give you a discount if you install the black box as soon as you receive it and keep it in place for six months.


While curfews may seem drastic, they help reduce the risk of teenage car accidents. Studies show that underage teenagers have higher rates of drunk driving, do not wear seat belts, and speed. In addition, curfews reduce the chances of teenage car accidents involving other people in the car.

Depending on the policy, the bell may not require you to adhere to curfews. However, it does have an option known as Plug and Drive. This policy uses a small black box plugs into a 12-volt socket inside your car. It monitors your driving habits to determine how much you can save. This option also doesn’t have curfews and requires only a six-month usage period before reviewing discounts.

Mileage limits

Some policies have no mileage limits. However, this does not mean you can drive as much as you want. When choosing an insurance policy, you should consider how much you will drive on a typical day and how much you’ll drive on a typical week. It’s important to understand that if you drive more than the stated amount, you risk triggering a price increase.

Whether you want to get a low-mileage discount or a classic car plan, you need to understand the plan’s limits. Most plans limit the number of miles you can drive each year. While this may not seem too much, you should be aware that exceeding the limit will mean you’ll have to pay more in premiums.

NCB policy

The NCB policy is a benefit that Bell customers can apply for when purchasing car insurance. This protection allows a driver to make as few claims as possible over a specified period. If you can keep your NCB rate high, you can enjoy more significant discounts on your insurance premium. To increase your NCB rate, you should start driving safely and avoiding accidents. This will also help you earn an NCB bonus.

It can be tempting to make a small claim if you damage your car, but it is essential to make a careful cost-benefit analysis. If you make a claim and the insurance company rejects it, the NCB will reset to zero.