Ayam Brand Salmon

Ayam Brand Salmon – Give your kids a healthy snack with Ayam Brand Salmon

Do you know about the Ayam Brand Salmon? If you are reading this, that means you are too foodie like me. I am always a big-time foodie. I like to try every type of food, especially seafood. Sea fish is my favourite, and when I am talking about seafood, the first name that comes to my mind is AyamBrand Salmon.

I cannot resist my temptation when I think of this food item, particularly. In the market, multiple brands are available which sell salmon, but Ayam Brand is my favourite one. I cannot get over it. Now you people will think why I am so obsessed with this particular product, so today, I am going to review the Ayam Brand Salmon. So let’s get started,


Why choose the Ayam Brand


As already mentioned that multiple brands are available in the market, so what is the exact reason to choose this brand. I have chosen the brand for its great features,


Great taste– The taste of the salmon is outstanding. It is not only tasty, but it is super healthy too.


Great source of protein– We all know how protein is important for our health. Those who are nonvegetarian can easily have the Ayam Brand Salmon as a spread on the bread toast and make a healthy breakfast. It can be a balanced healthy diet. The salmon spread has 10g of protein per 100g.


High quality– quality is outstanding. Ayam Brand Salmon is certified Halal by Jakim. The company does not use any preservatives, flavour, colour, no MSG added in these products. The quality of salmon is really premium quality.


Mayonnaise with vegetables – The Ayam Brand Salmon spread in Mayonnaise consists of vegetables. Like carrot, sweet corn. Both kids and adult-like the flavour. It can be a great meal for the office, school.


Best for serving- It is great for kids. The salmon spread in Mayonnaise will go great with sandwiches and bread. The sweetness of corn and chestnuts are just outstanding.


Ingredients contain in the product


  • Salmon fish
  • Vinegar
  • Soya bean oil
  • Sugar
  • Edible gum
  • Carrot
  • Egg powder
  • Salt
  • Modified tapioca starch


Dishes you can make with it


During this lockdown period, I have tried so many new things. MUltiple dishes I have tried. Ayam Brand Salmon was my favourite one. So here I will share some of the dishes with you all so that you can too try this,


  • Baked beans on garlic toast with eggs
  • Tomato sardines sandwich
  • Slow cooker red chicken curry
  • Honey mustard salmon pasta


Go online to purchase salmon spread


It is a Singapore based brand. I purchased it online. Because I find it more convenient, it comes in 85g can. The salmon spread in mayonnaise and one packet of crackers. So it is a perfect dish for those who are going out. Give your kids a healthy breakfast snack dish. If you go to the market, you might not get the item in every shop, so if you purchase it online, it would be better for you.

Multiple e-commerce sites are there where you will get the Ayam Brand Salmon. Choose the item and its quantity, then place an order. The product will be delivered to your doorstep within the time frame. This can food is safest as there are no preservatives. No MSG contain in this. This makes the item unique from others. So I would like to suggest all of you this brand, go and get it quickly.


How much quantity comes in one can?

It comes in different quantities. 85grams, 170 grams, etc.

Is it contain an egg?

Yes, it contains eggs.

Is it available online?

Yes, it's available online easily.