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Atari VCS – What to Look For and What to Avoid

The Atari VCS is a console that will be available to retailers shortly. The hardware is relatively cheap, and it will run most games. Its downsides include a limited library of games and the lack of exclusives. If you are considering buying an Atari console, it would be worth knowing what to look for and what to avoid.

Wireless Modern Controller

The Atari VCS Wireless Modern Controller is a wireless controller that works with the Atari VCS console. The console has two USB ports, which can be used to connect controllers or to insert a USB drive for PC Mode. It also features an Ethernet port. The back panel of the console features the recognizable Atari red color and houses the power button, Ethernet port, and two USB ports. The system comes with two controllers: a joystick-style controller and a wireless controller.

Both controllers are very comfortable and light. The Atari VCS Wireless Modern Controller has a D-pad and a thumbstick, which is great for players who prefer a traditional thumbstick. They also sound hollow when you press the buttons and triggers.

Built-in Chrome

If you’re in the market for a new video gaming system, you’ll want to check out the new Atari VCS, which features Google Chrome built-in. The updated console will let you do everything from browsing to streaming services – while also providing you with the security and flexibility that you’d expect from a modern browser. In addition, you’ll be able to access your Google services like Drive, Docs, and Google Play Music from your VCS.

Built-in Chrome is one of the best things about the new Atari VCS, and it’s one of the few gaming systems that support it. You can now use Google Drive to access your work and personal documents, and you can access your Gmail, Google Calendar, Sheets, Slides, and more right from the VCS. And if you’re a gamer, you can access popular streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify without any trouble at all.

4K capability

The Atari VCS is an impressive machine that features 4K capability and an AMD x86 processor. The new chip is designed to handle 4K at 60 frames per second while also supporting HDR. This makes it as powerful as higher-end PC laptops. This new model also features expandable storage, USB 3.0 support, dual-band WiFi, and Bluetooth 5.0.

The Atari VCS can run games like RetroArch and Plex in 4K. The device also has a PC Mode, which allows users to install Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, and SteamOS. With the Atari VCS, you’ll be able to enjoy games and movies in a new light.

Onyx and Black Walnut variants

The Atari VCS comes in two variants – Onyx and Black Walnut. The former has a woodgrain front panel while the latter is entirely black. Both versions have wireless joysticks and controllers. Inspired by the classic Atari 2600, the VCS is similar to the design of the original game console but has more modern features. It lacks onboard switches but has rounded edges, a cartridge port, and a light that glows when powered on.

Both variants are available for $299. The Atari VCS Onyx and Black Woodnut look retro but are more modern than the original. They come with high-end components like a high-end processor from AMD, support 4K resolution and HDR, and can even play 4K video content. They also feature built-in Wi-Fi and expandable storage. The console also features a USB port, so you can connect USB game controllers to enjoy games on the go. Besides gaming, the VCS Onyx and Black Walnut have other features too, including a webcam and speakers.


The Atari VCS is an old-school gaming console that has a lot of potentials, but it’s also very expensive. The VCS’s grand ambitions make it a good option for collectors and enthusiasts who want to expand their gaming collection. However, if you’re looking for a gaming console that looks good on your display, the VCS is not the console for you.

The Atari VCS will be available in two models – the Collector’s Edition and the Onyx. The Collector’s Edition will have a retro wood-paneled front bezel while the Onyx will have a modern-looking design. Regardless of which model you purchase, expect to pay between $199 and USD 249.