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Astrid – Deuteragonist in How to Train Your Dragon

Astrid is an intelligent Viking warrior and secondary protagonist from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. She possesses strong convictions of loyalty and duty.

She is highly ambitious and dedicated, yet her impulses can lead to poor decisions. However, she showed a more generous side when supporting Snotlout’s concern for Hookfang in Race to Fireworm Island.

1. Observe

Astrid Hofferson-Haddock (Astrid for short) is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III’s girlfriend and eventual wife from the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. At Berk Dragon Academy and leading its Dragon Flight Club, Astrid excels as a Sharp Class dragon trainer who can synchronize movements with her Deadly Nadder dragon Stormfly – she even displays strong competitive spirit when training or competing with other dragon riders!

She is both self-assured and competitive champion while maintaining a sense of responsibility towards those around her – even if this means disobeying Stoick’s orders.

Astrid may appear harsh at first glance, yet she has empathy and strong bonds with her friends. She cares deeply for both of her parents. She regularly visits them in the village and maintains an effective working relationship with Sneaky (a Terrible Terror she trained for stealth). In “Race to Fireworm Island,” Astrid shows another side when she takes care of Hookfang after the Fireworm Queen injures him.

Astrid is among the few Viking teenagers to develop a close and friendly relationship with Valka, whom she calls her “Mother.” She frequently compliments Valka on her looks and appearance. Furthermore, Astrid stands out by not wearing a Viking helmet but preferring to use a Kransen to protect herself – she enjoys Hiccup tickling her in Heather Report Part 2. In contrast, Astrid herself tickles quickly when tickled by Toothless during the battle at Dragon’s Edge, with Twins being distracted while Hiccup and Toothless take down the main enemy.

2. Listen

Hiccup has known Astrid since before he became King. She serves as his partner in life, providing him with advice and unflinchingly supporting him when trouble threatens the people and dragons she loves – often at great personal sacrifice. When danger threatens, Astrid puts herself aside to defend them despite personal concerns.

Astrid is well-meaning but often short-tempered and impulsive. She is also quite critical regarding her abilities; in the first movie, she believed that she could easily surpass Snotlout and the other Viking teens on every task they faced, becoming upset when Hiccup started beating her on specific charges.

She often worries for and cares deeply for her parents, taking steps such as training Sneaky (Terrible Terror) in Fright of Passage so he could protect both herself and other dragons. In Edge of Disaster Part 1 and Shell Shocked Part 2, she even took the initiative to teach Ruffnut and Tuffnut how to be more energetic when she felt they were being lazy. In these episodes, she showed the strength of character required when confronted by them for laziness in Edge of Disaster, Part 1. She often shows strong emotion in these episodes while engaging Ruffnut and Tuffnut when they feel lazy; in both episodes Shell Shocked Part 2, she lashed out with anger when she thought they were being lazy, both times lashing them hard when feeling neglected (see Edge of Disaster, Part 1). In Edge of Disaster, Part 1, Tuffnut felt threatened. In Shell Shocked, Part 2, she scolded Ruffnut, feeling threatened in Edge of Disaster: Part 1. In Edge of Disaster: Part 1 and Shell Shocked Part 2, she often scolded Ruffnut when feeling they had become idle (She had seen both episodes where the other dragon was). She showed some surprising behavior by scolding Ruffnut when found being lazy by Ruffnut or Tuffnut becoming lazy). She showed signs of anger towards them both when they found themselves in these episodes from Shell Shocked Part 2.

DreamWorks Animation and Universal have found two actors to portray Hiccup and Astrid for their live-action How to Train Your Dragon adaptation, replacing original protagonists Jay Baruchel and America Ferrera, respectively, with Mason Thames and Nico Parker from previous appearances, such as The Black Phone and The Last of Us. Currently, the film is in the preproduction stages under Dean DeBlois, who will write, direct, and produce. It is due for release by Universal Pictures sometime around 2020. For more information, please visit its official website here.

3. Watch

Astrid is dedicated and unflappable in her pursuit of dragon training. She often strives to push herself further in this endeavor and become an exceptional dragon trainer, becoming more competitive as she makes herself further to be more perfect with each training session. Though naturally competitive, Astrid can sometimes be short-tempered due to being competitive herself. Her ability to read dragons helps her understand them more fully so she can communicate more efficiently.

Though Astrid may appear intimidating at times, she has incredible compassion for those she cares for – particularly Hiccup, whom she considers her best friend. This compassion was illustrated when Astrid helped Hiccup escape the Cove during Dragon Down, saved him from Alvin’s ship during Breakneck Bog, and joined him aboard Toothless against Monstrous Nightmare during Race to Fireworm Island.

As well as worrying for Hiccup, she also shows concern for Snotlout and Stormfly – evidenced by the way she attempts to comfort them during the battle against Fireworm Queen at Dragon Down or when explaining that Hookfang is still good despite any mistakes during Monstrous Nightmare on Race to Fireworm Island.

She takes responsibility for herself regarding relationships, evidenced by her refusal to accept Ruffnut’s advances during Big Man on Berk and rejecting Thor Bonecrusher’s attempts to seduce her during Dragon Report Part I. Furthermore, she is willing to share her dragons by letting Hiccup ride on Stormfly during the Dragon Games in How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Astrid enjoys exploring and adventure, making her an enjoyable companion. She enjoys playing with Deadly Nadder Stormfly and participating in training sessions with her friends.

4. Learn

Astrid is knowledgeable and possesses an analytical mind. She’s also quick at learning new situations quickly, adapting quickly to them efficiently. Though short-tempered and overly critical, Astrid attempts to regulate her emotions to become an excellent leader.

Even when she disagrees with his decisions, Astrid is Hiccup’s greatest advocate. She encourages him to use his judgment instead of forcing what she thinks should happen upon him. Furthermore, Astrid shows extreme loyalty towards her friends, especially Heather, whom she cared deeply for when they reunited during Race to the Edge. Moreover, Astrid shows tremendous respect for Stoick as Chief of Berk.

Astrid shows her gentle side when helping Snotlout care for Hookfang during Race to Fireworm Island. Furthermore, Astrid demonstrated even greater empathy when she expressed concern over how badly Fireworm Queen had injured Hookfang during Total Nightmare. Astrid also supports her fellow Dragon Riders when facing Titan Monstrous Nightmares, like in Race to the Edge.

Astrid is a highly skilled Viking fighter whose fighting style relies on throwing and slashing to achieve victory in close-quarter combat, as well as using various weapons such as her axe and side-braid draping across her back that serves as a shield. She now sports longer sun-bleached locks and larger arm wrappings covered with fur instead. In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Astrid’s appearance has changed significantly; her hair now sports longer, sun-bleached locks that serve double duty as shields and shields. She now wears longer sun-bleached waves instead of shorter side braids to shield herself better. In How to Train Your Dragon 2, Astrid now wears sun-bleached locks; the pouch on her belt has also grown considerably, and her arm wrappings are covered in fur instead.

5. Apply

Astrid is hardworking and reliable. She displays a strong drive to succeed at any task and constantly works towards bettering herself and those around her. Astrid, a fierce warrior with a natural talent for fighting dragons and training them, stands as Hiccup’s partner as chief of Berk. Her determination and strength make her an excellent candidate to lead Berk and to serve as chief.

She is fiercely loyal to friends and family, showing great appreciation for those who sacrificed so much for them. She worries often about the safety of her parents. Additionally, she’s quite the accomplished juggler – effortlessly juggling three large maces in one hand while performing ballet dance moves while standing firmly on one foot!

She also possesses an extraordinary gift for anticipating danger before it strikes, such as recognizing that the Twins were about to be attacked in “Edge of Disaster, Part 1” and warning Ruffnut just in time.

Her ability to identify potential threats allows her to develop more advanced defense systems for the village, including glare-resisting goggles she and Hiccup invented together. In Knaff, Astrid creates feelings for Hroar, who she befriended while on Knaff but these quickly dissipate when he turns out to be a traitor and she drops him into a fish barrel in revenge.

America Ferrera voices Astrid Hofferson on various television shows and films such as Ugly Betty, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Christine, and Our Family Wedding. To recreate Astrid’s fierce Viking and dragon-riding persona with costume creation, begin with a basic black Viking dress before adding fur arm cuffs, brown leggings, fur boots, and a blonde wig for her appearance.


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