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Architecture, definition and characteristics

As architecture, it is called the art of devising, designing, and constructing buildings and structures where human activities can be carried out. At the same time, they are functional, durable, and aesthetically valuable. The word, as such, comes from the Latin architectūra. The actual Interesting Info about ¿Cuál es el salario de un arquitecto?.

In this sense, architecture is a discipline governed by a set of technical and aesthetic principles, where the beauty of the construction must be in a harmonious balance with its functionality and utility. Hence, it is said that architecture involves altering physical space to satisfy human needs for housing, work, industry, commerce, religion, etc.

Because architecture reflects the needs, values, and interests of different human societies throughout history, it is also an essential cultural manifestation that allows us to understand how human beings have related to their environment for the length time.

As architecture it is also called the set of works, buildings or monuments, whether by an author: “The architecture of Le Corbusier was the most influential of the 20th century”; of a technique or style: Greek, Gothic, Baroque, Mayan architecture, etc.; of a country: Mexican, Spanish, Argentinean architecture; or of a specific period: contemporary, modern, Renaissance architecture, etc.

In everyday language, the concept of architecture can refer to the structure or arrangement of the elements that make up something: “The architecture of this piece of furniture is very flimsy.”

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