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Amtrak Train Reviews

If you want to travel by train, it’s a good idea to read Amtrak Train Reviews. These articles will provide information on the cost of coach seats, amenities like bathrooms, roomettes, and the tracking system. Depending on your review, you might find that your travel experience will differ from someone else’s. Here are some tips to help you make the most informed decision. Also, make sure to read through our FAQ section to find out how to make your trip a pleasant one.

Price of coach seats

Amtrak trains have limited capacity, and coaches are no exception. Many of the company’s trains are sold out by mid-March. And coach seats are almost completely unavailable on many routes from Chicago through April 12. Until late May, coach seat availability will probably not improve. The lowest prices will be on departure dates before the reintroduction of daily service, but coach seat availability will not likely improve until then.

Check whether the train’s coach seats are unreserved or reserved when booking your train ticket. Some routes and overnight trains require reservations. If you have a reservation, you’ll guarantee a seat. Otherwise, unreserved seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. In both cases, you can buy two coach seats at the same price, but you will likely have to pay a little more for the convenience of two people sharing a seat.

The price of coach seats varies by class. Coach seats are the cheapest and have basic amenities like overhead reading lights and trays. Business-class seats have adjustable footrests and headrests and more legroom than coach seats. Additionally, they feature electrical outlets and are more spacious. Some rows in business-class cars feature conference tables and picture windows. And a third passenger will cost about $60-$140.


Amtrak trains feature toilets and showers in each sleeper car, providing travellers with plenty of freshening options. Despite the cramped conditions, the bathroom facilities feature hand soap, paper towels, and outlets. Some Amtrak trains even provide amenity kits with shampoo and conditioner. A limited number of stalls may not be equipped with a shower. However, the ones available may be large enough to accommodate the entire family.

The restrooms in coach classes are generally bigger than those in sleeper cars. However, they are also crowded, so they tend to be in less than desirable shape. Toilets are not permitted to be flushed while in the station because toilet contents can spill onto the tracks. Amtrak also trains strictly prohibits firearms and ammunition with percussion caps or matchlocks. Additionally, self-loaded modern ammunition is not allowed. Amtrak accepts no liability for the damage caused by firearms.

Amtrak used to post toilet signs on every seat, but recently, it changed how it advertises its bathrooms. Observation cars feature one bathroom on the upper and four bathrooms on the lower levels. The bathroom facilities are large enough for all passengers to use without a problem. As long as there is enough space, lines should be short. Just remember to pack your lunch in wooden packaging so there is no waste in the bathroom.


Amtrak offers two types of roomettes: the Superliner and the Premier. The former has two chairs facing each other, which fold to a lower berth. The latter is used as a second berth. The upper berth does not have windows, so you’ll need to climb stairs to get up there. Both are located on the same floor, so you can choose which one is closest to the family room and upper-level bathroom.

The best way to book one of these rooms is to buy your ticket. This will ensure that you will get the roomette of your choice and not be stuck in a coach seat. Although Amtrak does try to give you the roomette of your choice, you cannot request it. You can, however, request a specific roomette. If you buy a roomette ticket, you can enjoy the amenities of the roomette, such as a coffee station and more space.

While an Amtrak roomette costs more than a seat, it is worth the extra money if you plan to spend a long time on the train. Although coach seats are comfortable, they do not offer a lot of privacy. A roomette allows you to enjoy your time in peace, watch movies, or simply snack on snacks while you’re travelling. You will also enjoy beautiful views and be more comfortable, and you won’t be crowded.

Tracking system

Amtrak recently introduced its new Track-A-Train system, which relies on GPS tracking devices installed in locomotives to provide its passengers with the latest information on the location and speed of the train. Train travellers can search for specific trains by name or number and get real-time updates. Until now, the only way to track the exact location of a train was to look at a text list of its arrival time and status. But now, thanks to GPS tracking technology, the entire system is available online.

Amtrak’s new GPS tracking system also allows passengers to track their train’s location in real-time, which is especially useful if you travel during rush hours or on holiday. This technology is constantly improving and is already available for customers on the official Amtrak and VIA websites. The tracking system is free and will remain so for the foreseeable future. But how can you use this new technology to your advantage?

You can track your train via a web page. You can even subscribe to email and text updates to track your train’s progress. Amtrak also provides a mobile app so that you can stay updated about the progress of your train. In addition, Amtrak’s website allows you to track a train by tracking id. Its mobile app gives you real-time arrival times for trains.


When travelling by Amtrak train, you must know the stops you’ll be making. Some trains stop at small towns so you can wander around while others are very long. The Empire Builder is a good example of the latter. Its first daytime stop is in Minot, North Dakota. It doesn’t always wait; you may miss the next train if you don’t get off at the correct time.


We have the answer for you if you’ve been wondering how to make the most of your Amtrak train trip. The Metropolitan Lounge on Amtrak trains is a must-have on your list. This place is clean and convenient, but the service and staff members are hospitable and helpful. The train’s amenities are second to none and include a delicious restaurant and bar. If you are travelling long distances by train, we highly recommend a reservation.

Unfortunately, many Amtrak train employees are unionized. This makes it impossible to fire them when they need to. The company also doesn’t pay its employees well, so quality service suffers. Amtrak’s employees are wonderful, but they can’t get fired if they don’t perform. But there is a bright side to Amtrak. Read our Amtrak Train Reviews to learn more.

Amtrak has great seats, but these don’t come without their downsides. Many trains are late or off-schedule, mainly because of mechanical problems. Other delays are related to conflicts in the rail system, as well as personal passenger issues. Some trains also have hostile passengers. While this can be annoying, we recommend that you take the time to read some Amtrak train reviews before making a decision.



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