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Amiri Hoodie

If you’re looking for quality denim apparel, you need to check out the Amiri hoodie. There are several types of styles you can choose from. They include Hoodies, Screen-printed T-shirts, and Patterned knits. The fabric used to make these garments tells a lot about the brand.

Denim is the fabric that tells the story of the brand

Denim is an essential wardrobe item. It protects wearers from cuts and fraying. But it also carries the level of a brand. And in the case of Amiri, that story is about a man’s journey from a basement in Los Angeles to the top of the fashion world.

Amiri was founded in 2014 by Mike Amiri Pusa, a young Iranian entrepreneur. He graduated from Loyola Law School and was a consultant for local fashion brands. His eponymous label is now a worldwide success. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik, and Kendrick Lamar are among his clients.

Amiri’s eponymous brand was born from his passion for denim. In the beginning, he had no money to launch his brand. So he started by reworking old jeans and leather jackets. Eventually, he sold them at a pop-up shop in Maxfield, a Los Angeles boutique.

Amiri paired distressed and embellished jeans with vintage items in his first collection. The pieces included an embroidered Motley Crue T-shirt spliced onto the back panel of a denim jacket.

Screen-printed T-shirts

One of the most excellent features of this screen-printed Amiri hoodie is the bandana applique all over the place. It’s got a pronounced neckline, a center front button closure, and zip pockets. The fabric is 92% cotton, 2% elastane, and 6% elastomultiester. They’re made in the USA, too. This particular garment is a close fit.

Try this out if you’re looking for a new hoodie or need a little rejuvenation. It’s got an excellent design and is a breeze to wear. While it may be slightly heavier than a T-shirt, it is still lightweight enough to keep you cool in a hot summer.

This screen-printed Amiri hoodie comes in three colors: Ruby Red, White, and Black. It is made of midweight French terry fabric. Its selling points are a svelte, fitted shape and a streamlined, sleek collar. You’ll also find a 5-pocket design with some whiskering along the front. There are also some lovely details around the knee area.

Patterned knits

The Amiri is an impressive albeit understated label based out of Los Angeles. Although the brand is not for the faint of heart, rock superstars and other plebes alike can rest easy knowing they are sporting quality attire. From hoodies to shirts to t-shirts to pants, you will be able to find something for you. However, if you’re looking for the next big thing, look at the Amiri swag bag. They have a swag bag for every occasion. And while the Amiri isn’t for everyone, there’s a high likelihood that your friends will want in on the action.

There are several perks to shopping at Amiri, and the brand has a vast online store. Besides their collection above, they are known for their above swag bag, their aforementioned quality service, and their aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned friendly customer service. Their previous high-quality service is a significant plus in this highly competitive market.


Whether looking for the perfect hoodie for work or play, you should check out Amiri. This Los Angeles-based clothing brand creates high-end pieces that blend French design with streetwear. In addition, it’s made using durable materials and features unique distressed looks.

The Amiri Bones Logo Black Hoodie is an excellent example of the brand’s signature construction. It features a comfortable fit and a bold graphic pattern. You can also check out the Amiri Core Paisley Hoodie for a little extra style. Another excellent option is the Amiri 3 Hearts Bones Hoodie, which has a large graphic of hearts on the front.

The Amiri brand also includes screen-printed T-shirts. Additionally, this brand delivers luxury through seasonal collections. You’ll notice that all of Amiri’s pieces are hand-decorated and made to last.

Another thing you’ll like about Amiri is that it’s easy to find styles that fit your taste. In addition, you’ll be able to choose from many different colors and sizes.


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