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Allen Edwin Homes Reviews

Allen Edwin Homes reviews show that many consumers are satisfied with their new homes. These reviews come from verified homeowners. First, you can read about their average profit increase, ethics, and quality of homes. Then, you can decide if they’re worth investing in. There are a total of 100 Allen Edwin home reviews on the Internet.

Verified homeowners

Allen Edwin Homes is an excellent option for anyone looking for a new home. It is a company dedicated to meeting customers’ needs and providing the best value in the industry. In addition, Allen Edwin Homes has over 100 verified homeowners who can tell you firsthand about their experience with Allen Edwin Homes.

Allen Edwin Homes has several different locations. They may be located in Michigan or Indiana. If you are considering a new home, you can contact the Allen Edwin Homes Closing Department to ask any questions you might have. They can also answer your down payment deposit or loan closing concerns.

Once you have decided on a new home, the next step is to decide on a mortgage. Allen Edwin Homes can help you decide which loan to take. They will also be able to provide you with the specifications of your new home. The loan process can be completed in as little as 15 days, so it’s essential to plan accordingly.

Average profit increase

Allen Edwin Homes pays an average of $140k per home. The residential builders reported an 18.9% gross profit and a 9% net profit in 2015. This means that for a $240k house, the company would have made $45,360 in gross profit and $21,600 in net profit. The average revenue for residential builders in 2015 was 16.2 million.

The warranty at Allen Edwin Homes is a ten-year structural guarantee. The company pays for a defect’s repairs and related costs for ten years. However, a large earthquake or act of god would void the warranty, leaving the homeowner with the expense of replacing the home. Nonetheless, the warranty is a great sales tool and costs the homebuilder practically nothing to offer.

Quality of home

When looking for reviews of Allen Edwin Homes, you need to look for a few key things. First, you should know that the company doesn’t claim that it is better than other builders. They only make such claims so that consumers can compare them. Then, you should know that the company doesn’t manipulate the information they provide to customers.

The company makes profits by offering a structural warranty. The company also offers a 10-year insurance policy for free. Typically, home buyers have to pay for this, but Allen Edwin Homes includes it for free. These policies are a great sales tool because they’re cost-effective for the company.


Allen Edwin Homes is a BBB-accredited business. This accreditation is granted to businesses that meet their standards for evaluating their products and services. Businesses that receive BBB accreditation have agreed to pay a fee to help support BBB services to the public. However, BBB accreditation does not guarantee that your home will be of the highest quality or that you’ll receive excellent service.

Claims of energy efficiency

Allen Edwin Homes claims that its homes are energy efficient. However, these claims are not based on any actual scientific data. Furthermore, the company did not admit that it made a mistake on its first appraisal. The company is known for offering affordable prices and high square footage. However, consumers should remember that a home built more than 40 years ago will not be as energy efficient as one built today.

The warranty for Allen Edwin Homes is for ten years. The company works with the best brand names. The company believes that the warranty is an effective sales tool. Last year, it made a profit of 151 million dollars. Moreover, the company offers a ten-year structural warranty for their homes. The warranty provider is Residential Warranty Company, LLC.


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