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Al Gazebo Dhaba, Al Ain

If you’ve ever wanted to eat in a dhaba in the city of Panvel, then you’ve come to the right place. This restaurant serves a wide variety of delicious and hearty dhaba fare. The food served here is enormous, and you can order a thali or a platter.

Typical dhaba food

Typical Al Gazebo food can be described as home-cooked food. The food is prepared in a traditional way, over a low flame, to lock in the flavours and nutrients of the ingredients. The cooking style uses live coal, which is placed in layers under the cauldrons. It also imparts the right amount of heat.

Food at Gazebo varies from light to rich, from delectable starters to rich curries. The Gazebo also offers hukkahs for parties. A garden surrounds the outdoor dining area. Children and families can enjoy their stay in the resorts.


Gazebo specializes in authentic Indian cuisine and is renowned as the pioneer of the ‘Dum Pukht’ biryani. In addition, they serve an extensive menu of succulent kababs, aromatic curries, and mouthwatering biryanis. The company has over 17 outlets across the UAE and is halal, ISO, and hazard certified.

The Mughals, famous for their art, architecture, and administration, were also renowned for their epicurean prowess. Their cuisine featured rare ingredients and fusion cooking techniques and held an invitation to paradise in each morsel. Gazebo features chefs who are direct descendants of the Mughal chefs, and their recipes have been carefully recreated to capture the essence of the Mughal era.


Gazebo Dhaba is a family restaurant specialising in Turkish cuisine and serving veg and meat dishes. Its menu includes chicken biryani, seekh kebabs, butter chicken, and falooda. It also offers a variety of drinks and desserts, including mango lassi and ice cream. It has indoor and outdoor seating and is located in a Gazebo-style structure.

Gazebo Dhaba is a great place to grab a delicious meal with your family. The restaurant is convenient and easy to find, especially during rush hours. You’ll also love the friendly staff and the affordable prices. It also has a homey ambience with beautiful decor.


Al Gazebo Dhaba is one of the best Indian restaurants in Al Ain. It is decorated beautifully and softly, evoking the medieval style while retaining the authenticity of the Indian delicacies. The menu here is extensive, and it has become a favourite family dining place in Al Ain.


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