Home Restaurants Amazing A380 In Flight Kitchen Brings The Plane To You!

Amazing A380 In Flight Kitchen Brings The Plane To You!

Amazing A380 In Flight Kitchen Brings The Plane To You!


A380 In Flight Kitchen brings together the world-class taste and feels of sitting in the real enormous airbus. There is something exceptional about the airplanes and the adventure that lies with them. Imagine being able to enjoy all the experiences and perks without any frisking, turbulence, and fear of thousands of feet in the air. Sounds incredible? It does. Moreover, the food you get here is thousands of times better than eating on a real flight. A380 In Flight Kitchen has made its mark among tourists and potential travelers. 

A380 In Flight Kitchen at a glance

A380 In Flight Kitchen – The airplane setup adds to the glory of this one of a kind establishment. With exquisite attention given to minute details inside the restaurant adds to the charm. However, the restaurant is inside a regular building. It feels you are walking inside a real airplane when you get inside. Some salient features of the A380 In Flight Kitchen experience are: 

  1. Soft speckle cabin seats with headrests covered in white napkins: The restaurant has the same decor as a real airplane. It is surprising how they have managed to pull this off. There are 84 seats in total with 64 blue seats like the regular cabin ones. There are 20 seats of first-class as well, covered in red upholstery. First-class seats in the business class theme are for private meals. These require prior booking. They even have the seatbelts attached.


  1. Just like the largest airliner’s cabin: The eatery features oval-shaped windows just like in the real airbus. There are even overhead luggage compartments. However, they are locked. It is only a one-floor establishment, not a double-decker monster like the real airbus.


  1. A menu that puts real flight food to shame: The restaurant menu has exclusive dishes to choose from, unlike the regular flight ones fixed menus. From a well-done chicken roast to baked cheese with fresh salads as sides, the food they serve is delicious. The restaurant serves the food in plastic trays like in the real plane, for some particular food items. Customers often get confused and seen questioning if it is the real airline food as they confirm with the staff.


Waitresses or flight-stewards: The simulated experience does not end here as the A380 In Flight Kitchen staff is also dressed and talks like the real flight attendants. Dressed in crisp attire, they all are poised and kind while serving their customers. Customers are greeted with the words welcome-aboard, every time they visit. They will also issue boarding passes to their customers and point them to their seats.  

  1. Not real but feels real: – Since the restaurant is not a real airplane and made to look like one, it feels quite like one. The décor is said to cost around $209,000. It does look extraordinary to have a meal in the establishment. 


The A380 In Flight Kitchen replicates the experience of sitting in a real airplane cabin very well. From the interiors and exquisite decor, everything is in its right place like the real airbus. The waitresses are well dressed in the flight-attendants attire and bring your meals in wheeled carts. It makes sense to sit in the restaurant to have a delicious in-flight meal. The experience of flying in the skies and indulging in your favorite food makes the restaurant a paradise for airplane lovers.


Where is the A380 In-Flight Kitchen restaurant located?

A380 In-Flight Kitchen is in Taipei, Taiwan.

Why Airbus A380 so famous?

The Airbus A380 is the world's largest commercial airliner, makes it famous among others.

How many seats are there in the real Airbus A380?

Airbus A380 can fit 544 passengers.