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A Product Management Obstacle: Pot

So you think you have a difficult job, eh? Imagine how difficult it must be for a product manager at one of the new companies that have recently emerged to begin legally selling marijuana! A few states in the United States currently allow marijuana to be sold for either medical or recreational uses. This means that consumers have access to a legitimate market. This type of situation necessitates the assistance of a qualified product manager with a well-thought-out product development definition. The actual Interesting Info about boom carts.

The Issue With Pot

The recreational use of marijuana is now legal in Colorado in the United States. However, change is sluggish, and how people can access the marijuana they want has not yet caught up with the product’s growing demand.

This means that the marijuana dispensaries, now the only sites where individuals can legally acquire marijuana, are not places you’d want to visit. They’re dark and dismal and have bars on the windows. The employees behind the counter wear hoodies and appear to smoke as much marijuana as they sell. Overall, this is not a place that most law-abiding folks would want to visit.

When customers try to buy marijuana, they face an extra obstacle. Consumers can purchase the food under “Big Buddha Cheese” and “Green Krack.” So what exactly is being purchased here?

Making Cannabis Trendy

The product managers hired to change Colorado marijuana from an illicit street narcotic to an everyday recreational activity have their hands full. First, they must somehow alter the process of purchasing marijuana to resemble a trip to Walmart.

The first step is to change the location where marijuana is acquired. The new dispensaries have exciting names like “Mindful,” and they are attempting to modernize cannabis sales. Employees in these new stores wear uniforms, and the firm emblem is prominently displayed. If product managers can effectively rebrand cannabis, they will have something to add to their product manager’s resume.

The final phase in rebranding marijuana is to include it in more people’s daily lives. In Colorado, this has resulted in the Colorado Symphony hosting “Classically Cannabis” events and cannabis cocktail parties. Not satisfied with such efforts, a new yoga class named “Vape and Vinyasa” has been developed, as has a new smartphone app that permits online marijuana orders.

What Does It All Mean For You?

Marijuana is now legal to sell, buy, and consume in several states around the US. Now that there is a product to sell and people who may legally purchase it, product managers must step in. However, because marijuana has been outlawed for so long, what should a product manager do with this new sort of product to ensure its success? Unfortunately, our product manager’s job description never included how to deal with this problem!

The new enterprises that have begun to grow and sell marijuana in Colorado have discovered a problem. There are no effective means for them to distribute their product. Moreover, the few stores that now sell marijuana are sleazy in appearance and staffed by persons best equipped to interact with drug users.

Product managers at new marijuana companies are beginning to make modifications to increase their market share. For example, they are rebranding several ways people refer to marijuana to make it more appealing to a broader audience. They are also beginning to associate marijuana with other activities in which their target demographic participates.

This new product field is currently in its early stages. The pot product managers face a significant amount of jobs. They must rebrand their product from a prohibited illegal substance to a pleasant recreational hobby. The good news is that it is possible. It’s now up to product managers to figure out how to achieve it.

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