Home News A new dimension of calling ducks- You’ll be amazed at these 3 sounds

A new dimension of calling ducks- You’ll be amazed at these 3 sounds

A new dimension of calling ducks- You’ll be amazed at these 3 sounds

For many years, JJ Lares duck calls have been a favorite among duck hunters. The Magnum Hen is quickly becoming their most popular offering with an expansion of features to match the needs and wants of today’s hunter: from sounds produced by ducks flying over marshland or other hunting fields all while making it easier than ever before!

About Kittles Outdoors

Kittle’s Outdoor & Sport has been in operation since 1999. It is a family-owned company that continues to operate out of Uptown Colusa, California – near Sacramento River State Park and Delevan Wildlife Refuge for all your hunting needs as well as fishing at Sutter or Colusa refuges which have great opportunities available if you’re not already acquainted with them!

The Kittles location also sells waterfowl goods so new customers should be aware of what types of birds are present where they live before heading over there ready set go on their next big adventure!!!

About J.J. Lares

JJ Lares has been making one of the world’s most coveted duck calls in Chico for over three decades. For this, JJ large has received numerous awards and they’re great presents to anybody who enjoys hunting ducks! The simple operation makes it easy enough even if you’ve never used a call before-plus there are so many different noises available from which to choose that black is by far their most popular color choice with hunters around these parts anyway.

It’s always best though not only when buying something expensive or scarce as being sure what kind would work better depending on your surroundings will help give maximum results during those long summer months.

The Magnum Hen is one of the newest products from JJ Lares, and it’s quickly becoming a favorite amongst hunters. This call produces an alluring mallard presence while also enhancing sounds made with their hybrid calls! The best part? It boosts treasured but waning sound like no other; you’ll be able to bag that drake without breaking any feathers or making too much noise for comfort anymore (so long as your shotgun isn’t rusty). Look no further than Kittles Outdoor when searching out top-quality brands such as these at great prices – we’ve got everything there under the sun… except maybe rainbows though who knows what they might do.

About the Magnum

Kittle’s customers love the high-pitched squawk of this duck call. The Magnum JJ Lares calls are a popular choice among people in Colusa and throughout America, who use them when hunting ducks or any other birds during mating season – because restrictions on shotgun shooting make it tricky to get close enough without scaring off your target! We carry an even better option: our product called “The Magnums,” which has been well received by regular folk as well those looking for something new they can try out at home before going into battle with Uncle Sam next summer…


Waterfowl enthusiasts may discover a great duck call at Kittles Outdoor. JJ Lares, an internationally recognized company with top-of-the-line products that will meet your needs and expectations has just released its latest addition: The JJ Lares Call! If you buy this call it could sound like any hen mallard or tom so if utilized correctly can spread them out for hours on end while we provide high-quality gear because our team believes everyone should have access to what’s best