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A Gun Safe With Phone Charger Gives You Peace of Mind

An emergency gun safe equipped with phone charger gives you peace of mind, knowing your firearms are safe from being misplaced or accidentally deployed during an incident. These nightstand safes provide quick access and are designed for temporary storage that complies with legal, safety, and security standards.

The built-in biometric scanner provides fast and secure access. Also features Smart Sense digital keypad backup and Nano Key 2.0 (sold separately). Top-mounted wireless charging pad + USB/USB-C accessory charging ports.

The Headrest Safe(tm)

The Headrest Safe(tm) is a discreet storage compartment that mounts on the back of your vehicle’s headrest, offering concealed space to store firearms, cash, medications, and other valuables safely in your car. Perfect for keeping items away from children and valets while remaining easily accessible for emergencies if something comes up; thieves won’t even notice it being there. It is made from high-quality materials that make it tamper-resistant, ensuring all of your possessions will remain protected and hidden!

The Headrest Safe was developed by law enforcement and military personnel as the ultimate in-vehicle storage solution for handguns, valuables, and other equipment. Installing it quickly is simple, and its combination lock is tamper-proof to give only you access to your property. A handgun is stolen every 15 minutes from vehicles, so keeping weapons locked away when not in use or out of sight is an essential safety measure – this discreet safe is the answer.

Vaultek DS2i Smart Station

The DS2i Smart Station offers an innovative and secure way to store your handgun while charging your phone simultaneously. It features 18-gauge steel construction with anti-theft technology and can be opened using biometric fingerprint scanning, the SmartSense digital keypad, or Nano Key 2.0 (not included). In addition, there’s an ideal top-mount wireless charging pad as well as two USB/USB-C accessory charging ports – plus, it even detects tampering to activate security sleep mode!

This safe is designed to store full-size pistols (up to 9″), additional clips, small amounts of ammunition, jewelry, and other personal belongings safely and in style, with industry-leading safety technology and Vaultek’s signature fit and finish. It makes an elegant addition to most home decor. The DS2i modern home safe offers both style and practicality – its stylish yet contemporary design blends seamlessly into most sets.

With just the touch of your finger, you can access your firearm in seconds. Unlike traditional gun safes that require spinning dials or punching in codes, the DS2i uses cutting-edge Bluetooth technology that allows users to unlock it using an app on their smartphone. The fingerprint scanning system recognizes up to 20 unique prints; additionally, the app can monitor activity inside your safe, such as whether or not its door has opened/closed.

DS2i can still be accessed even if you misplace or forget your password; enter the correct code into its app to unlock. When your safe sends a notification to your phone, it allows you to change and open its door as necessary. Using its app also enables remote locking/unlocking from anywhere within the Wi-Fi range – perfect if there’s ever an emergency!

This advanced handgun safe is the ultimate home safe for modern home environments, boasting premium features such as top-mounted wireless charging pads and USB/USB-C accessory charging ports for added convenience. The profile safe drawer is designed for discreet use and is an easy way to protect full-size pistols up to 9″, jewelry, documents, and other personal possessions from being misplaced or mishandled. The smooth ball-bearing twin rail system deploys it smoothly and silently. A built-in LED interior light illuminates the inside of the DS2i safely automatically, while its security features, including its signature anti-impact latch design and anti-pry construction, as well as heavy-duty steel tethering cable, protect your items from theft. Furthermore, its easy-to-use app enables you to manage and monitor its activity, view history logs, check for tampering, customize safe settings and customize secure history logs.

Wyze Smart Lock

Wyze Lock stands out among smart locks in that it doesn’t require a hub or Wi-Fi connectivity – instead, Bluetooth technology connects it with devices connected to the same network as your door and communicates directly with them for easy use. This makes it an ideal option for apartment tenants and owners seeking easy, cost-effective smart lock solutions without additional hardware or constant internet connectivity.

Wyze was launched in 2017 by a team of former Amazon employees with the aim of making technology accessible to everyone. Their goal is achieved through offering affordable products featuring cutting-edge tech features. Their product portfolio now encompasses intelligent security cameras, home automation devices, and even smart locks as their flagship product – but that remains their bestselling offering!

The Wyze Smart Lock Bolt can easily be installed onto an existing deadbolt to provide keyless access without altering exterior hardware or changing any external hardware, making this a much cheaper solution than something like the August Smart Lock that requires its hub and replacement of interior thumb-turn latch.

After an easy installation that only involves mounting the back plate and screwing in the strike bolt, you’re ready to use your new lock! Access will be granted using the app, PIN, or phone fingerprint sensor – guests’ accounts can even be created so they can unlock it independently of having your phone. Furthermore, the app provides a history log showing who locked and unlocked Wyze locks, when this occurred, and whether there were five unsuccessful passcode attempts made within 5 seconds of each other.

Be mindful that the Wyze Lock does not feature remote locking and unlocking capabilities like most smart locks do, though that doesn’t indicate it is inferior; it is just less advanced. Still, it offers plenty of valuable features, including one-time code generation from an app, which could allow visitors to gain entry if they find themselves stuck outside your house and require assistance to gain access.

The Wyze Lock is one of the best budget smart locks you can purchase right now, thanks to its absence of Wi-Fi radio inside it and impressive battery life of up to 12 months with 4 AA batteries that come included. When its batteries become low, a status indicator flashes red to alert you it’s time for replacement; its USB-C port also provides a brief charge so that if power ever runs out, you can still enter a code or scan fingerprints for entry if necessary.


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