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A Forex AMG Review Can Help You Find the Best Forex Broker

Regardless of your financial background, it’s a good idea to learn about the forex market before you invest your money. But before you get started, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the best forex broker. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a forex amg review to help you out.

AMG Trading and Investments is run by a father and son

Apparently, there is an online trading venture called AMG Trading and Investments that is run by father and son, Mike and Anthony Gutridge. The duo claims to have earned 8,359% in the past couple of months by investing in stocks. They say that a $1,000 account would be worth $35,321,429 after one year. The problem is that the father refuses to provide any proof that he actually did this. Moreover, he filed for bankruptcy in 2013. He claims that he has $10 in cash in his pocket.

He also claims that he has earned 1,682% per month in day trading stocks. The problem is that he has not disclosed any of his trading gains, and if he does not disclose these results, he can be charged with civil fraud. He also refuses to provide evidence that he actually has earned the 8,359% in the past couple of months.

The AMG Trading and Investments website claims to offer an array of trading products. However, they have never responded to any verification requests.

It has a mobile app

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, there are some great apps available on the market to help you make the most of your Forex trading. These applications can be accessed from your mobile device and allow you to trade on the go. They offer various features that make it easy to access your account and make a quick decision.

The MT5 mobile trading platform offers a number of features that make it easy for traders to analyze financial markets. The app is free to download and provides traders with real-time stock prices, currency exchange rates, and the ability to place trades from the app. It also has an advanced charting system that allows users to perform technical analysis and spot trends.

The FXOpen TickTrader is a free Android app that provides users with real-time market data and advanced tools for technical analysis. It has live quotes and real-time currency rates, as well as news from the FXOpen broker. This app also offers a virtual account, which allows traders to practice trading before they actually invest.

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