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5 Movies To Watch If You Are Stressed

5 Movies To Watch If You Are Stressed

Finally, you have come back home!

We understand if your boss was rude to you or you got called into the principal’s office because your classmate trapped you in a weird prank or if it’s just one of those days when you feel low for no reason apparently.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed when you have one of these days, but it’s important to remember that it’s good to take a break.

So go ahead and get some food and curl up on the couch. We have compiled a list of the 7 best movies to watch when you are stressed AF and just need to watch something to get your mind off of it.

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So, let’s start:

1: Tick Tick Boom

We are picking this movie for our first rank because even though the plot revolves around a man who is terrified of running out of time, there is something about this film that makes us feel peaceful.

One of the reasons could be Andrew Garfield’s singing because when that melodious tune hits us, we are bound to skip a breath.

Since its release last November, this film has got its fair share of appreciation, so you can give it a shot this time when you are stressed out of your mind.

2: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

This movie is beyond any criticism because after a long time Netflix has released a love story that is not too PG13 yet has carved a place in our hearts.

Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky share polar opposite dimensions in their high school lives but things change when some secret love letters are released all over the school.

It is the stepping stone of the budding romance between LJ and Kavinsky, and the sweet turns it takes in between will surely take your mind off of the stressful situations you’ve been feeling all day.

3: My Octopus Teacher

This Oscar-winning documentary from 2020 follows the blooming bond between a free-diving marine scientist and an octopus he encounters off the coast of South Africa.

It’s a stark reminder of the natural world and the cycle of life, as well as a treasure trove of wonderful ocean-life videos and interactions rarely seen anywhere else.

While the anticipation makes this video tough to watch at times, it is ultimately a brain massage for everyone, whether or not they are fans of nature documentaries.

4: Crazy Stupid Love

If you are familiar with the concept of the American Dream, Cal Weaver is your man!

With a beautiful house, a gorgeous wife, and a standard job, he has everything a man wants in his life. But, things change when he finds his wife has been unfaithful and wants a divorce.

Enter our hero: Jacob Palmer.

Jacob understands Cal’s tragedy and teaches him how to be a player that women like. The sheer chemistry between this duo and the climax when Cal learns his daughter is in love with this playboy is interesting enough to give you a good laugh

5: What A Girl Wants

What a Girl Wants is a piece of pure cinema art that you’re lucky enough to watch on Netflix.

It is a teen comedy-drama, so even if you are not into this genre, watch this movie for the flawless narrative it has.

Amanda Bynes stars as a hippy kid who discovers that her father is a high-ranking British government figure. She goes to London to meet him and gets taken up in his opulent, British lifestyle, much to the dismay of his counselors.

This is a must-see film, and if you are having a rough day, it will do nothing but reduce your stress.

Start Watching Them Right Now!

Now that you have come across the list of happy movies, we are sure that you are feeling a little better, right?

Of course, you are.

Starting from a star-studded casting to a superb storyline— these movies have everything that can make them hits.

So, if you want to watch them, download them from any of the movie browsing sites and plan a movie marathon for this weekend.

However, you can always get back to us if you have further questions about these movies. We will get back to you with a reply shortly.

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