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3 Ways to Use Technology to help Automate Your Marketing

Task automation should be at the top of a by-yourself business owner’s priorities. How choose the Working sneaker bot?

When performed right, you will see an increase in:

  • Completely new subscribers
  • New clients
  • More revenue

But the technology will be the biggest stumbling block for many solo service professionals. They’re not tech-savvy, or the systems they’re currently using are just too sophisticated for them to use.


  • they will fudge together different devices (because they’re easier and cheaper to use);
  • nothing at all flows; and
  • they drop clients and subscribers.

Robotizing as many areas of your business as possible means that you’re not bogged lower with the day-to-day running of your respective business; instead, you are enabling your systems and functions to handle that aspect of your organization.

If you don’t know how to start when it comes to automating your devices and processes, then nowadays, I’d like to share with you three primary ways in which you can start to handle your marketing and which can help you grow your business. Utilize this article as a checklist to enable you to ensure you have your automation of task strategies in place.

1. Reminders/Notifications via your autoresponder method. Many business owners use autoresponders (automated emails) to communicate with their clients and send them information at specified intervals, mainly if they have yet to register for their “free taste”. But if they’re certainly not using them as reminders on their own, then they’re missing out on this specific service.

For example: let’s say you need to send everyone in your plan a thank you gift when they’ve completed your plan. This would be easy to do if every person started the program at the same time. Still, some of us wonder what if you’ve got an ageless program – meaning that a client may start at any time, so you have many consumers all at different development of the program. When you build an autoresponder that comes, it can act as an announcement that Client A features finished your program. Therefore, you need to mail them a variety of congratulations letters.

You can also create a notification that notifies you that you need to get in touch with Client B 30 days immediately after they’ve completed their tactic session with you.

Suppose you’re with an all-in-one eCommerce platform, including 1ShoppingCart or Infusionsoft. In that case, these systems allow you to mail automated emails to change email addresses to build these notifications.

2. Messages: Templates/Canned Responses. If you find yourself transmitting the same (or very similar) email to your buyers repeatedly, then it’s a chance to set up an email template (in Gmail, you want to look for Scripted Responses). An email template easily contains the body of any email address you can tweak/add to for every Client without re-creating the full email each time.

For example: to send a call remembrance to a client that you have an expanding phone session, develop the email with all the information this stays the same each time, my partner and i. e. phone number, and update the message with the specific date in addition to time for each Client

3. Upsells/Cross-sells. These are very easy to build if you use an all-in-one web solution such as 1ShoppingCart and Infusionsoft and are simply a method to automatically offer your purchaser an additional product/purchase when these people check out. The product can be either an upgrade, an additional investment, or a downgrade, depending on the precisely suitable for your offering.

One example is: Let’s say you have a six-week course that you’re currently selling. On checkout, you could offer the upsell to add a 30-minute coaching call with you that will serve the client implemCliente information these people learning in the six-week course.

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