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3 Tips on Why You Need to Start Journaling Right Now

3 Tips on Why You Need to Start Journaling Right Now

With the world currently facing the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone had to adjust to health protocols and lockdowns. In addition, most people had to work from their homes and be isolated even from loved ones. 

It is no wonder how stress and anxiety can add to the already noisy and overwhelming modern world. Now, more than ever, every single being’s mental health must be put in the spotlight together with monitoring the virus. 

Fortunately, journaling can help express and identify your thoughts, plus you can buy stationery online. A positive side to this pandemic is that online shopping has become more convenient and safer for everyone, even in remote areas. 

It can be daunting and be too much for some to even face another day of the world, but processing your thoughts through writing and creating a journal can be helpful. So, whether you have already been practicing this act of self-care or are just going to pick your journal, here are some tips that can hopefully help you heal:

Just Write

Writing even the first word in your journal can be a challenge, but you have to recognize that it is your own life, and you don’t have to be pressured to do anything. Of course, you can look for journaling prompts or questions, but you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to. You might even take a breather before starting; it’s essential to take your time and collect your thoughts to ensure that journaling will be a comforting experience for you. 

However, once you do start, just let the juices flow naturally. There are no restrictions or limits to what you can put into your journal, whether they will be through words, pictures, stickers, or flowers. Don’t be pressured with the trending designs and content you see online. You are writing the journal for your goal regardless of whether it’s just for fun or self-improvement. Your journal is only for your sentiments and viewing, so you have to be honest and release it all out. 

Bring Your Journal with You

Picking out a journal can be a hassle in itself. Numerous options range from multi-colored, abstract-designed, or even plain and simple ones that you can personalize with your name or initials. Luckily, you can choose from various designs from the comfort of your home as you buy stationery online. Choosing the perfect one that resonates with you would make it easier to bring it everywhere with you.

This habit is essential because it lets you journal or release your emotions anytime you feel like it. Rather than taking it out negatively, journaling is a safe and accessible way to process any pent-up or current thoughts and feelings. However, you must also not feel that it is a task or do it every morning after you wake up. So again, you have to go with the flow and listen to your intuition. 

Maybe Others Can Help

By others means writing to yourself in the third person. So often, people get apprehensive when talking to themselves directly. Talking to yourself as someone else is an alternative way to do it and still help yourself.

It also wouldn’t hurt to get inspired by quotes or what others say. It can ignite a spark in you more often than not, and they may be better in putting words into what you feel in the moment.

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