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3 Reasons How VIP Seating Can Transform The Cinematic Experience

The first strike against the cinemas came from online streaming sites like Netflix. This phenomenon took birth in 2000 and dramatically grew manifolds in about 15 years. Today, it poses a solid threat to cinemas.

Although, going to the movies is a magical experience, thanks to the comfortable cinema seating, a tub of yum popcorn, and a cheerful crowd. But even that isn’t enough for cinemas to fight against streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Add upon that, in the year 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic struck the world and left everyone grappling with the new normal. Cinemas shut down altogether!

2019 saw about 176 million cinema-goers in the UK. But, that number drastically dropped down to 44 million in 2020. But now, as the world slowly and steadily opens up, the UK crowd seems particularly excited to go back to the cinemas!.

The crucial question is – are the cinemas ready to beat their competitors and all the unfavourable external factors to emerge victoriously?

It can only happen if it creates an appetite for luxury cinema experience amongst the movie-watchers. And for that, they must offer suitable cinema seating for the utmost pleasurable viewing.

The cinemas need to cultivate their USP to gain an edge over the online streaming sites. They must offer a movie-watching experience that is incomparable.

Here are 3 reasons to go VIP:

Reason 1: Offer Experience, Not Just a Movie!

Unlike the older generations, millennials are not seeking to grab hold of material items as prized possessions. Instead, they desire an overall good experience. For that, they are willing to dole out enough cash.

So, when a millennial goes to the movies, they aren’t just spending money to watch a movie. They expect a plush experience with access to on-call service, more privacy, excellent restaurant-like food.

And this demand for comfort begins with luxurious VIP seating. It sets the overall mood for the rest of the movie and enhances the experience manifold.

Reason 2: An Edge Over Other Cinemas

As mentioned earlier, the UK crowd is eager to go back to the cinemas. They miss the feeling of sitting together and cheering loudly when an epic scene comes on.

It essentially means that every cinema theatre is in a cutthroat battle with each other. So, revamping the cinema with VIP recliner seating is essential.

Although, VIP seats require more floor space, thus eradicating almost half of the standard seating. But many research studies indicate that theatres with VIP recliner seating bring about 80% more ticket sales than usual.

Reason 3: Add-on Services

A VIP cinema seating isn’t the only factor responsible for dutifully shifting movie-goers’ experience. Additional services that come along with it prove to be more impactful.

Picture this: you are at a cinema theatre. You are sitting on the most opulent recliner seat, with your feet up, all relaxed, watching a movie. There are unlimited complimentary nachos and soft drinks. Additionally, there is also a dine-in feature and a buffet awaiting you in the lounge area.

Who wouldn’t want to combine the dine-in experience to go along with the choice of their movie?

The cinema recliner with add-on services like these will ultimately justify the premium costs too!

Cinemas are no more just associated with a movie alone. It’s a surprise package that comes with fantastic additional services. It’s what will set it apart from sitting at home, in pyjama sets, watching a movie.

Hence, it’s essential for the cinemas to up their games. Begin with the right seating and then define the overall VIP experience they are willing to offer.

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