2×2 Led Panel Light

2×2 LED Flat Panel Ceiling Lights

2×2 LED flat panels are energy-saving lighting fixtures designed to replace fluorescent troffers in commercial drop ceilings, providing even, glare-free illumination suitable for offices, schools, hospitals, and retail spaces alike. Typically the Interesting Info about 2×2 Led Panel Light.

LEDMyplace offers panel lights in 40-watt models that can easily replace traditional T8 tubes of 150 watts. There are ballast-ready or ballast bypass models, and they boast high-lumen output for optimal illumination.


Shop 2×2 LED Panel lights at discounted prices to illuminate your drop ceiling roof at an exceptional rate of energy efficiency and long life expectancy, perfect for commercial spaces. They boast an excellent 80+ CRI rating and high lumen per watt performance for optimal illumination.

2×2 LED Panel Lights are an excellent solution for upgrading fluorescent lay-in fixtures in commercial and residential settings, replacing old fluorescent fixtures without costly maintenance. Available in various sizes with various color temperatures, installation is effortless, requiring no wiring modifications or adjustments, and maintenance is never an issue – suspended, surface mounted, or even recessed into T-grid ceilings. They offer an ideal lighting solution that will look good for years.

These fluorescent ceiling light panels consume far less electricity than their fluorescent counterparts and can save up to 75% in utility costs. Furthermore, these lights are environmentally friendly by helping reduce carbon emissions from fossil-fuel-powered power plants while remaining relatively affordable and with a five-year warranty. Various wattages and CCT options are also available.

Color Temperature

LED flat panel lights offer an innovative solution to replace traditional fluorescent drop ceiling fixtures, with their slim yet modern form and energy savings of up to 75% on energy costs. Use it today for offices, schools, hospitals, or other commercial spaces!

They come in various color temperatures to create the right atmosphere in any space; warmer hues evoke cozier feelings, while cooler ones give a clinical or sterile vibe. Choosing one color temperature throughout the room is best for consistent lighting effects.

Many LED panel lights are field selectable, allowing you to change the color temperature on-site quickly. This enables you to experiment with various options and find what best fits your space using a 0-10V dimmer switch; additionally, these LEDs can be dimmed down to 10% of their maximum lighting output for versatile applications.


These 2×2 LED ceiling lights offer bright, clear illumination that effectively fills a space. Perfect for offices, schools, and hospitals as they do not require bulbs to be changed, reducing operational costs; furthermore, they contain no harmful substances and are safe for human health.

These 40-watt LED panel lights make an excellent alternative to fluorescent ceiling panels, offering up to 5000 lumens at maximum output and helping save you up to 75% on electricity bills. Installation is quick and seamless, and compatible with most ceiling fixtures.

HIKTELIGHT’s LED flat panel ceiling lights utilize cutting-edge LED technology. Their daylight white color provides easy on-the-eyes illumination free from flickering, glare, or any of the hallmarks associated with fluorescent tube-style lights – hallmarks that could otherwise compromise them. Plus, they’re fully dimmable – ideal for all home applications!


LED panel lights are energy-efficient and low-maintenance fixtures, using only a fraction of the electricity used by traditional fixtures. Their 5-year warranty makes them an excellent choice for office buildings, schools, hospitals, and other commercial spaces – they can easily be suspended, surface mounted, or recessed into sheet rock ceilings for installation.

A 2×2 LED flat panel ceiling light can be found indoors in offices, retail shops, and school classrooms. They often replace fluorescent troffers but can be mounted directly on walls and ceilings for easy accessibility.

These lights offer a wide variety of color temperatures and lumens to suit any space perfectly, and also come with a five-year warranty to give you peace of mind that the quality is second to none. Their comprehensive coverage means no worries over anything going wrong with their purchase!

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