Home News 2021 is Nike’s return to the sneaker market with the impressive Jordan 1 University Blue colorway.

2021 is Nike’s return to the sneaker market with the impressive Jordan 1 University Blue colorway.

2021 is Nike’s return to the sneaker market with the impressive Jordan 1 University Blue colorway.

Nike Jordan 1 is still showing its strong fashion through each sneaker model put on the shelves. And one of the most anticipated high-rises Jordan 1s in 2021 Jordan 1 University Blue promises to make fans restless when this super product is released. And you, what do you know about Jordan 1 University Blue? The secret will be revealed below.


Eye-catching Jordan 1 University Blue color tones with deep meaning


As you know, the main color tone of the Jordan 1 University Blue super product is blue combined with white. The perfect combination of these two color tones brings fresh, light beauty and creates a new mark in the Nike collection.


With blue combined with white and black in some details, this color scheme is a great combination that brings a feeling of freshness, sophistication but no less youthful and dynamic.

Jordan 1 University Blue

You may not know, the blue we see on the Jordan 1 University Blue is the color inspired by the colors of the UNC basketball team (University of North Carolina – University of North Carolina). This is a color that has special significance to the career of world basketball star Michael Jordan and has been used for many different Jordan shoe models.


With extremely light, harmonious, and fresh colors, Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG – University Blue will be a shoe suitable for all young people, from girly or personality girls, to active men. , cool cool.


The design of Jordan 1 University Blue is bold


Air Jordan 1 UNC is a follower of the sports shoe brand you can’t help but know the boss Nike. And this is also a product line that is loved and warmly welcomed by fans. Accordingly, the version first entered the market in 1985. And after a long absence, in 2021 Nike will return with the Nike Air Jordan 1 UNC of a new look, with many differences.


This is also a product model that mostly keeps the design similar to its senior. However, to raise the bar and create a highlight for Jordan 1 University Blue, the manufacturer has made some innovations and improvements. The color scheme version released in spring 2021 will be more modern, unique, and eye-catching. Along with that, the product will also be designed with the stamp of time.

Jordan 1 University Blue

The whole pair of shoes is a harmonious combination from the smallest details, thereby contributing to creating a super product that promises to make Jordan 1 fans restless.


Jordan 1 University Blue made from high-quality leather


In general, Jordan 1 UNC 2021 compared to the 1985 version will not have many changes in details. However, the return of Jordan 1 University Blue with high-quality leather is the highlight that attracts the attention of many fans. Along with that, the cushion of the shoe is made from high-end technology, providing comfort to the user.


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